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The Global Admin Console is for customers with complex organizational structures that either have many Admin Consoles or want to break up their main Admin Console into multiple consoles. For example, multinational corporations, education consortiums, large school districts, and large government agencies. It nests existing Admin Consoles into a hierarchical structure, like an organization chart, to provide transparency across a distributed enterprise.

The Global Admin Console does not replace or change the functionality of the existing Admin Consoles. It works as a hierarchy with a root organization at the top and all the consoles nested under that root organization. There is a selection criterion focused on purchasing and creating a hierarchy structure for which an Admin Console should operate as the root console.

To learn more about the functionality and benefits of the Global Admin Console, see the white paper on Global Admin Console.

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Key advantages

Following are some key advantages that the Global Admin Console offers:

  • Delegate administration of some of your Adobe product usage and cloud storage to divisions, departments, or field offices to avoid having centralized administration.
  • Create organizations for each entity and form a hierarchy of organizations. You can even delete organizations.
  • Distribute resources and product licenses across organizations. You can allocate product resources to organizations.
  • Restrict visibility from one agency into another, including users being viewed by administrators to the users directly in their purview.
  • Self-service control of the Adobe Admin Console organizational structure, reflecting the structure present in your organization's directory systems. You can set up a hierarchy of organizations.
  • Create centers of administration where a designated group of administrators can manage Adobe resources for an organizational component or project within their company. You can manage the administrators in organizations.
  • Define policies and apply them to organizations.
  • Create, edit, and delete product profiles and user groups.
  • Export information about organizations to generate reports for driving other processes.
  • Import updates to organizations and the structure of the organization hierarchy.
  • Get notifications about the status of ETLA contracts within child organizations. In-app banners on the Global Admin Console will indicate clearly when the contract on a child organization is going to expire, has expired, or is inactive. For more information, see the article on contract expiry.

The Global Admin role

The Global Admin Console also introduces a role, the Global Administrator, that is distinct from a System Administrator and allows to do the following:

  • View the global landscape of their total Adobe investment across those Admin Consoles added to the Global Admin Console hierarchy.
  • Monitor their Adobe license & resource assignments and usage across multiple Admin Consoles.
  • Create Admin Consoles or organizations.
  • Allocate product licenses from a root or parent Admin Console to child Admin Consoles sitting below within the hierarchy.
  • Maintain their current day-to-day operations; the System Admins can continue to manage their Admin Consoles. As an example, a Global Admin can allocate a product to a child Admin Console but not assign it to its users. The System Admin will receive the seats within their Admin Console and will assign the products to their users.
  • Optionally apply organizational policies to any Admin Consoles in the hierarchy.

Fundamental administrative tasks

The Global Admin Console is designed to work across multiple organizations and Admin Consoles. The following table outlines the different capabilities and where they can be completed—Admin Console or Global Admin Console.

Task Global Admin Console Admin Console
Create, reparent, and delete child organizations
Work with multiple organizations
Manage administrators For one or more organizations

For one organization

Manage Product Profiles and user groups

Define and manage policies
Allocate products across organizations
Allocate products to users
Manage users
Manage packages
Set up domains and directories
Manage enterprise storage and encryption

Adopting Global Administration

Adobe recommends adopting the Global Administration if your organization meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have multiple Admin Consoles that you want to organize, manage, and gain visibility across.
  • You want to split up admin consoles into separately administered consoles.
  • You are managing multiple contracts.
  • You need to distribute or centralize identity configuration across child organizations.
  • You want to divide up purchased resources and have them administered by different people/admins for different parts of your enterprise.
  • You have specialized administrators for different Adobe products, regions, or organizations and you don't want them to interfere with each other.


To request access to Global Admin Console, do the following after you confer with your Adobe representative:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Support > Support Summary.


    Adobe recommends submitting the support case through the Admin Console that will be the root.

  2. Click Create Case. The Create Case window appears.

  3. Select Managing Users and Licenses.

  4. Specify the details In that form that appears.

    • Select the priority of the issue = P4 - Minor
    • Quantify the impact of the issue = Medium
    • Summarize the issue = <Your organization's name> is requesting access to the Global Admin Console
  5. In the field, Describe the nature of the issue you're facing, mention that you would like access to the Global Admin Console for your organization by adding the following details:

    • Name and Console ID (found in the URL, the series of numbers & letters preceding "@AdobeOrg") of the Admin Console to be designated as the root (top) organization or request for a new one (specify the desired name).
      • There are some cases where the new console is the preferred path, your Adobe representative can guide you more on this. This root organization must be selected carefully as it is difficult to change it later.
    • At least one current System Admin is to be assigned the Global Admin role. You can always add more admins yourself later.
    • Name and email address of your Adobe representative or Customer Success Manager.
    Describe the nature of the issue

Next steps

After you have acquired access to the Global Admin Console, start by setting up your organization structure and allocating resources to the child organizations.

Set up organizations

Allocate products

Edit organizations



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