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Learn about the products that your organization has purchased as part of the enterprise or teams agreement with Adobe.

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To get started with the products purchased by your organization, go to the Products tab on the Admin Console.

What is a product?


Administering your Teams or VIP subscription? Learn how to manage your products and licenses.

As part of the agreement that your organization (teams or enterprise) signs with Adobe, your organization purchases products. These products enable you to entitle your users with the Adobe apps and services that are defined for that product. The products that your organization purchases are available for you to manage on Products tab of the Admin Console.

Multiple apps and services

A product may contain multiple Adobe apps and services. For example, the Creative Cloud All Apps product includes all the industry-leading creative apps. It also includes services such as Adobe Spark, Fonts, PDF Services.

Single app

A product may contain a single app such as Acrobat Pro DC, a Creative Cloud app such as Photoshop, Adobe XD, or a publishing product such as Adobe Captivate, Adobe Primetime.

Experience Cloud products

Experience Cloud products, such as Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Analytics, contain a single solution.

Service products

Products may also include services such as Adobe Stock, Adobe Sign for business, Custom Fonts.

App or service-based products also specify the number of licenses purchased for that product. This indicates the numbers of users licensed to use the apps and services included in that product. Experience Cloud solutions specify the number of users of that product. This indicates the numbers of users licensed to use that solution.

Assigning users to products

How you use the products purchased by your organization, depends on:

Type of agreement or licensing methods

  • Teams customers: Add teams users to the product plan to assign licenses to the users. Read details.
  • Named User Licensing (enterprise) customers: Create a product profile for this product and then add users to that product profile. Read details.
  • Shared User Licensing (education) customers: Create a shared device license profile for this product and then add users to that product profile. Read details.

Type of product

Assign Users: Products such as Creative Cloud All Apps, single app products such as Photoshop or XD, Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign have the option to assign users. For each license, you assign one user to that product. So, for the Creative Cloud All Apps product, if you assign a user to that product, that user is licensed to use every Adobe app or service available.

Assign Developers: Allow developers in your organization to integrate, extend, or create apps and experiences based on Adobe's products and technologies. Read details.

Assign Product admins to a product

Applies to:

Admin role:

Named User Licensing for enterprises, Shared Device Licensing for education

System admin

As a system admin (especially in large organizations), we recommend that you delegate the task of managing products to a specialized role known as Product admin. A Product admin manages the products that the admin is assigned to.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Products.

  2. Click the Product to assign one or more Product admins.

  3. Go to the Admins tab and click Add Admin.

  4. Enter the name or email address of the user.

    You can search for existing users or add a user by specifying a valid email address, and filling the information on the screen.


    You can add up to ten admins here. To add more, repeat the above steps after saving the changes.

    Add product admins

  5. Click Save.

The admins that you assigned to the Product will receive an email invite indicating the Product for which they've been given administrative rights.

Remove users and user groups from a product

  1. While managing a product in the Admin Console, navigate to Users.

  2. Select the check boxes to the left of the user names and click Remove Users.

  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Remove Users.

Export product list

Applies to:

Admin role:


Product admin

Applies to:

Admin role


System admin

You can export the list of products purchased and assigned. The procurement department in your organization can use this list - for billing and accounting purposes.

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Products.

  2. Click the Export to CSV in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. Choose a folder location and click OK.

The CSV file that you download contains the list of products in your organization:

  • Nickname: Of the Product Profile
  • Product: Of the product to which a profile belongs
  • License Quota: Number of users assigned to a profile. See Define and manage quotas.
  • Assigned: Number of licenses of each product assigned / consumed for the product profile.
  • Admins: Administrators for a profile
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