Troubleshoot issues when using a Wacom tablet

Learn how to troubleshoot crash and performance issues related to your Wacom device.

Are you experiencing any of the following issues?

  • Illustrator crashes during or after launch when using an input device (for example, a mouse, stylus, tablet device, or others) 
  • When you use a Wacom tablet with a stylus that supports pressure sensitivity, the pressure sensitivity does not work correctly.
  • Illustrator becomes unresponsive when you're using a Wacom stylus.
  • When you use Wacom Cintiq, you may face issues while working on an Illustrator document. For example, the cursor disappears as Wacom Cintiq becomes the secondary display screen.

Wondering why your Wacom device is disabled

If Illustrator detects that your previous session was crashed due to an issue with the Wacom device, it automatically disables your Wacom next time when you open the app. You can enable your Wacom device from the Illustrator preferences.

To do this, go to Preferences > Devices and select the Enable Wacom check box.


If the error occurs due to outdated Wacom device drivers on your computer, updating the drivers (or uninstalling old or unused device drivers) fixes this issue.

This issue can occur even if you do not have any Wacom device currently attached to your computer.

Update Wacom driver

Uninstall Wacom driver

  1. (Recommended for macOS) Delete the WacomMultiTouch.framework file if available. 
    1. In a new Finder window, click Go > Go to Folder > type /Library/Frameworks > click Go.
    2. Check for a file WacomMultiTouch.framework. If this file exists, delete it.
  2. Visit the Wacom support site, and reinstall the latest Wacom device drivers for your computer.  

  1. If you are not using a Wacom device, uninstall the drivers associated with the device. See your Wacom product documentation for information on how to uninstall the device drivers.
  2. Launch Illustrator.

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