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Create and edit video with Premiere Clip

Learn how to use your mobile device to create and edit videos right where your media is. (Watch, 9 min)

Adobe Premiere Clip is a fun tool that makes it easy to use your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to create videos. Liberate the isolated video clips and photos on your mobile device. Edit your media into a cohesive, compelling story, add a soundtrack, and share your creation with friends.

What do I need?

  Adobe Premiere Clip for iPhone and iPad

  Adobe Premiere Clip for Android

Download the trial Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Import clips, make edits, and add a soundtrack

In this video I show you the basics of using Premiere Clip (in the Freeform editor) to make a movie out of a series of videos stored on your mobile device. My particular project uses videos of the famous cable cars in San Francisco, California.

This video shows you how to pull in files from your mobile device, rearrange clips on the timeline, trim clips, perform a slip edit, add a soundtrack and make adjustments to it, and align your edits to the beat of your music.

Note: The screenshots in this tutorial show Adobe Premiere Clip on an iPhone and iPad. The user interface may vary between iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.

Create new project (0:25); Rearrange clips (1:30); Trim clips (1:50); Add soundtrack (2:20)

Add a title, make color adjustments, and export your project

In this video you’ll learn how to make clip-specific edits to adjust the image, loudness, and speed. You’ll also see how to add a title, import a video clip from your Creative Cloud account, and apply some uniform color adjustments across the project.

Finally, you’ll see how to export the movie to various social media platforms — as well as to your Creative Cloud account so you can work on it later in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Change exposure (0:15); Adjust volume (0:20); Trim clips (0:30); Add slow-motion (1:00); Add cutaway shot (1:30); Add title (2:15); Import file (2:50); Add Look (3:25); Output video (4:12)

Watch the final, published movie below. Now go out there and be creative with your own videos!

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"Cable Cars" video created entirely with Premiere Clip

Bronwyn Lewis

Bronwyn is the product manager for mobile video editing at Adobe. She is a cat enthusiast, multimedia artist, and serial costume contest winner.