Acrobat notifications are typically updates about any change in the status of the documents that you shared for viewing, reviewing, and signing. It alerts you for any action taken on a document including all the incoming and outgoing requests for documents shared by you, or with you. Both the sender and the recipient are immediately notified of a change in document status and activity on the workflow. Also, a daily digest of notifications is sent to you over email.


Notification bell icon

The bell icon is located next to the Profile menu in the upper-right corner of the Acrobat DC desktop app, the Acrobat Reader mobile app, and the Document Cloud web interface. If you have new notifications, the bell icon displays a red badge. You can click the icon to view all the notifications.

Notifications in Acrobat DC


Creative Cloud members can also see the notifications in the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Notification panel

When you click the bell icon, your notifications are displayed in the Notification panel. The new notifications are highlighted so that you can easily find the new ones since your last visit. Each notification is displayed as a card and includes the details you need.

The notifications displayed for different workflows are listed in the tables below.

Review workflow

Workflow Notification

Document sent or shared: (invitation to review)

Take action
@mention tags Take action (for the named reviewer)
Recipient comment activity: comments and replies added, modified, resolved, or deleted Task completed
The recipient clicks Done to indicate that the review is finished Task completed
Deadline reminders: triggered based on the schedule set by the initiator Take action

Share and track

Workflow Notification
Document shared or sent: delivered Take action
Recipient activity: document viewed Task completed

Sign workflow

Workflow Notification
Document sent for signature Take action (for the recipient)
Recipient either approves, declines, delegates, accepts, fills, or acknowledges the agreement Task completed (for the sender)
Reminder to take action (Sign or Approve) Take action


  • Acrobat desktop - Sign notifications for enterprise users are not currently available.
  • Acrobat Reader Mobile - Sign notifications for agreements that you send for signature using the mobile app is not currently available. However, you receive notifications for sign agreements that you receive for signing.

Fill, sign, and send workflow

Workflow Notification
Document shared/sent Take action (for recipient)
Recipient views the document Task completed (for the sender)