October 2018 release of Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC with Adobe Document Cloud services is the complete PDF solution for working anywhere with your most important documents. In the latest release, Acrobat DC is reimagined with a simple and consistent user experience across desktop, web, and mobile-including touch-enabled devices.

Unified Share experience across desktop, mobile, and web

The new unified Share experience empowers you to easily collaborate on documents across desktop, mobile, and web. Share a link to a PDF to view or comment on it. PDFs shared as links open in any browser, on any device. Acrobat makes it as easy as email but with a lot more control and full tracking. Recipients get an email with a link and click through to view and comment on documents in a browser; no sign-in required, no software to install.

The new experience enables you to share documents using any of the following methods:

  • Send personalized invitations using the Document Cloud Share option
  • Send an anonymous or public link in an email
  • Attach to an email
A new unified share experience

For more information, see Share and track PDFs online.

Unified Home view across desktop, mobile, and web

With the new Home view, you now have a single place to track and manage all your documents shared for viewing, reviewing, and signatures across desktop, mobile, and web.

It includes new actionable tools to help you stay on top of your documents:

Unified Recent Files list

Displays the files shared with you or shared by you for viewing, reviewing, or signatures in addition to the files opened for viewing from your computer, Document Cloud storage, or third-party storage like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, SharePoint, and Google Drive.

Note: In Acrobat Reader mobile app, sign agreements that you have sent for signature don't appear in the Recent files list. However, you can see the notifications and To Do cards for those sign agreements which are pending for you to complete.

To Do cards

Shows the document received for viewing, review, or signatures that are pending your action.

Search box

Lets you search all your Document Cloud files and the files sent or received for viewing, reviewing, or signing.

Notifications Bell

The place to see all the incoming and outgoing requests for documents shared for viewing, reviewing, and signing.

Context Pane

Helps you take actions on files across all Home view with context-sensitive menus, and check the status of participants and history of activities for shared documents.

Shared Files

Helps track and manage your shared files. All your shared files are grouped based on workstream for ease of access. The files shared for viewing are listed in the For Viewing tab, the files shared for review are listed in the For Review tab, and the files sent or received for signature are listed in the For Signature tab.

Home view
A. Recent files B. To Do cards C. Unified search D. Notifications E. Context Pane F. Shared Files 

For more information, see Workspace basics.

Unified Document Cloud review service

The new Adobe Document Cloud review service empowers you to easily share PDF files for review from the Acrobat DC desktop application, the Document Cloud web, or the Acrobat Reader mobile app. It simplifies the gathering and management of feedback in one place instead of multiple email attachments, and helps you stay informed of progress. It also keeps reviewers productive with an easy-to-use commenting solution that helps them find relevant information quickly and doesn’t require them to sign in or install any additional software.

Intuitive features like @mentions, deadlines, reminders, and ‘I am done’ to inform initiators that you are done or still reviewing make the review process transparent, keep the review moving, and lead to faster review completions.

Initiator and reviewers are notified of the change in the status of reviews or when tagged for any action in addition to a daily summary. They are also notified when anyone adds a comment.

Review in progress
Review status and participants in the upper-left corner of the toolbar, comment sync status and the switch between managing reviews and viewing comments in the upper-right corner of the toolbar, and comments in the right pane

Unified document search

The new search box at the top-center of the Home view searches across all the files in your Document Cloud account as well as those sent and received for viewing, review, or signing. Also, you can access the Action board from within the search results without opening the file in a new document window.

Unified search

Fill & Sign with locking and tracking

The Fill & Sign tool is now powered by Adobe Sensei. The tool comes with the following new capabilities:

  • Fill forms faster with new Sensei-powered form field detection and alignment for text, checkmark, cross, radio button, and comb field. Auto-alignment makes sure that font size is according to the field size and it is well aligned with the field box or line.
  • Send a link of the non-editable copy of the filled and signed form. The copy is certified with Adobe Sign. Recipients won’t be able to modify the copy easily; any modification makes the certification invalid.
Send a copy of the filled and signed form
Send a copy of the filled and signed form

For more information, see Fill and sign PDF forms.

Send for Signature powered by Adobe Sign

The Send for Signature tool, which relies on cloud services provided by Adobe Sign, is now renamed to Adobe Sign in Acrobat DC desktop. The tool now comes with advanced features that give you more control over the entire process - senders can add expiry date, reminder, signer authentication, and so on. Also, once you’ve sent documents for signatures, it’s now easier to view and track their status, send reminders, cancel requests, or view history from the unified Home view.

Advanced features give more control over the signing process
Advanced features give more control over the signing process

For more information, see Send PDF documents for signature.

Access to Google Drive files from within Acrobat

You can now easily access and store files from your Google Drive file storage account while working in the Home view.

For more information, see Access Google Drive files in Acrobat.

Text and images editing from your iOS or Android tablet

With the Acrobat Reader mobile app and a subscription to Acrobat Pro DC, you can now easily add text and images, edit and format text, update lists, or add, rotate, and resize images in a PDF — right from your iPad or Android tablet.

  • iPad functionality is improved
  • Android functionality is all-new
Text editing on an Android tablet
Text editing on an Android tablet
Image editing on an Android tablet
Image editing on an Android tablet

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