Cancel your Creative Cloud for teams subscription

Facing any of the following issues? Learn how to resolve and continue with your teams subscription:

What happens when you cancel your subscription?

We’re sorry that you’re thinking about canceling. If you cancel your Creative Cloud for teams subscription, your products, storage, and services will be downgraded to free Create Cloud apps and services. Here are the details:

Reduce cloud storage

Reduced Cloud storage

  • Cloud Storage is reduced to 2 GB per user. If users consume more than 2 GB, you must reduce online storage, or risk losing access to your files stored in Creative Cloud.
  • Extended version history is downgraded to standard version history.
  • Adobe continues to store your original Lightroom images for one year after your subscription ends. During this time, you can continue to launch Lightroom to download your original files from Adobe's cloud services.
Admin Console restrictions

Impact on admin console privileges

  • You can no longer manage your team using the Admin Console.
  • Access to Expert Sessions and Support services is no longer available. 
Access restrictions

Restricted access to apps and services

  • Desktop apps are downgraded and only available in trial mode.
  • Mobile apps—such as Fresco and Aero are downgraded and only available at Starter or Free levels.
  • Ability to integrate with collaboration tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other productivity apps is impacted.
  • Adobe Fonts and Behance downgrade to free tier. Users lose access to paid services, such as Portfolio and Talent.
Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees and refunds

Adobe team subscriptions are annual subscriptions, paid monthly. The pricing is based on your commitment to retain your subscription plan at least for a year. Plans renew on the anniversary date. Depending on your subscription plan and tenure, you may be charged a cancellation fee or eligible for a refund.

For most plans, you get a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of purchase. See refund policies.

Adjust your teams subscription

If you're canceling due to business reasons, explore multiple options available during the last month of your subscription (renewal window) to maintain your teams subscription. As a contract owner, you can choose one of the following options:


To adjust your plan outside the renewal window, contact Adobe Customer Care.

Reduce the number of licenses during the renewal window. For example, if you assigned ten Creative Cloud All Apps licenses, and you only require seven licenses next year, decrease the license count to seven. You'll be prompted to unassign users before your anniversary date.


You can always add more licenses later.

  1. Navigate to Admin Console > Account Account, and then click Update plan.

    Update Plan

  2. Modify the number of licenses, and click Continue.

  3. Update the payment settings, if necessary, and click Save Changes

    The modified quantities and other changes are reflected in your next invoice. For more information, see Renewing a team membership

    It is recommended that you remove users immediately after reducing licenses. If you decide to renew fewer licenses, the license counts are reduced on your renewal date. If the number of assigned users exceed the renewed license count, the account becomes non-compliant.


Any increase or decrease in the number of licenses takes effect only on your renewal date, not immediately. 

You can change the product during the renewal window. For example, if you subscribed to a Creative Cloud All Apps plan, you can switch to a Single App plan. If you assigned ten Creative Cloud All App licenses for this year and only five users require Photoshop next year, reduce the All Apps license count. Then add five Photoshop licenses. Visit the teams plans page to review the prices of Creative Cloud for teams - Single Apps plans.

  1. Navigate to Admin Console > Account Account and then click Update plan.

  2. Modify the products and licenses as required.

  3. Update the payment settings, if necessary, and click Save Changes

    The modified quantities and other changes are reflected in your next invoice. For more information, see Renewing a team membership

    Assign users to the Single App plans and then remove them from their currently assigned plans.

Choose an economical Creative Cloud for individual subscription plan. These plans exclude enhanced services, such as 1TB storage per user, Admin Console, single invoices, and teams-only services. For more information, see Creative Cloud subscriptions.

However, Adobe recommends that you reduce the number of licenses instead. This way, you can retain centralized administration capabilities and respond faster and add users when your business grows.

Purchase a Creative Cloud for individual subscription first so you have uninterrupted access to apps, services, and assets stored in Adobe’s cloud storage. Then, contact Adobe Customer Care to cancel your Creative Cloud for teams subscription.

Cancel your teams subscription


If you’ve purchased your Adobe for teams plan via a Reseller, contact your reseller or account manager. 

To cancel your Creative Cloud for teams subscription, contact Adobe Customer Care (navigate to Adobe Admin Console > Support)Learn more about your support options.

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