When you use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 features that rely on the Adobe Media Encoder component, unexpected failures. For example, you receive one of the following errors:

  • Adobe Media Encoder.exe - Entry Point Not Found.
    The procedure entry point ??0NewHandlerInitializer@ErrorManager@config@dvacore@@QAE@XZ could not be located in the dynamic library dvacore.dll.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro.exe - Entry point not found: Unable to locate entry point of IR_MergeDVCPRO procedure in dynamic link library ImageRenderer.dll.
  • The procedure entry point ?UnregisteredFilter@WinOSEventFilterer@UIF@@SAXP6A_NABUtagMSG@@PAX@Z1@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library UIFramework.dll.
  • Error: LoadLibraryEx Startup.dll failed with error 127: unable to locate procedure specified.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro.exe - Application error: Instruction in 0x7c91168b refers to memory in 0x000z0011. Memory cannot be read.


  1. Rename the following file to dvacore.dll.old:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS4\dvacore.dll
  2. Copy the following file:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS4\dvacore.dll
  3. Paste the copied file into the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS4\

Additional information

When these errors occur, the dvacore.dll in the Media Encoder CS4 folder is either damaged, or the wrong version.


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