Data loss with Team Projects (Beta)

On November 14, Team Projects pre-release or Beta project data, over 40 days old, was deleted.  

Team Projects that were not edited or modified in a client application (Premiere Pro or After Effects) after Oct 7, 2017, may no longer contain sequences, Team Projects history or other project information. 

There is no impact on projects created using Team Projects 1.0.

Many of the Team Projects created during the Beta period could be impacted. The impacted locations include Asia Pacific, European Union, and North America.

Since Team Projects stores a copy of your project on your computer, in most cases, you should be able to restore lost production data and resync the same to Team Projects.

Run the Team Projects recovery tool available using the steps mentioned below to recover your lost data.



Steps to recover lost data

  1. Turn on the computer that was used to access the Team Project.  

  2. Log in using the same user profile that was used when you accessed the Team Project.


    If multiple Creative Cloud (CC) users were logged into the same OS account, the recovery tool recovers all Team Projects, and also removes the Creative Cloud (CC) user ID information. If different OS users were using on a single machine, the recovery tool must be run for each OS account.

  3. Download and run the recovery tool on your computer.

  4. For Windows:

    1. Download the Recovery tool.
    2. Unzip the archive.
    3. Select the TeamProjectsRecovery folder and double click TeamProjectsRecovery.exe.
  5. For macOS: 

    1. Download the Recovery tool
    2. Unzip the archive.
    3. Select the TeamProjectsRecovery folder, and double click Run Team Projects Recovery.
    For Windows For macOS
    Download (2.42 MB) Download (12.5 MB)
  6. Open the Team Project files using Premiere Pro or After Effects (using the same version).

  7. It will take some time for this Team Project to fully synchronize with the Team Project Service. You can now share the changes, and invite any other collaborators.


The recovered Team Project contains only the last-saved project state that was saved to the local computer, and only for the user who was logged in at the time. It does not recover previously shared Team Project history or any other unshared changes made by other users. The current user owns the recovered Team Project. Reinvite all collaborators who worked on the project. 

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