Make shareable creations - great for social media & print - by adding motivational quotes or personalized messages to your pics with pre-set templates, tons of customization, and cool animation options.


Overview video

Examples of Quote Graphic
Examples of Quote Graphics created using Photoshop Elements

Enter the workspace

Quote Graphic is a new option in the Create drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the application.

Enter the workspace
  1. Select Create > Quote Graphic.

  2. Select blank canvas, a photo, or a template.

  3. Select a size.


  • Select Start from scratch > Custom option to create a canvas of custom sizes.
  • Select Start with a photo option to open the selected photo from the Photo Bin and apply a default text style.
  • Select Preferences > Units & Rulers > Photo Project Units to change size preferences.

Change background

Use Background panel to change the background of your creation or to import a photo to use as a background.

Change background


The Background panel has two tabs - Backgrounds and Effects.

  • Backgrounds- Use the Backgrounds tab to import or change the background.
  • Effects- Use the Effects tab to apply an effect over the background.

Backgrounds tab

Start with importing a photo from your computer, organizer catalog album, or photo bin.


Use the color picker or gradient option to create a solid color or gradient background.


Select from the available list of background presets.

Effects tab

Use the Effects tab to apply cool effects to your background.

Note: Use the Intensity slider to adjust the intensity of the effect.

Add text

Use the Text panel to add or modify text.

Change background


  1. Double-click the text to edit it or click Edit Text.
  2. Select Add Text or Add Vertical Text option to add horizontal or vertical text.

Type tool options

  • Use the Fonts drop-down menu to select a font.
  • Use the Size slider to adjust font size.
  • Use Letter Spacing and Line Spacing to adjust text.

Type tool styles

  • Use the Color option to change the font color.
  • Use Border to add border or stroke to a font.
  • Use Shadow to apply shadow to a font.



  • If the style options are disabled, make sure that the text on the canvas has the green tick checked.
  • A limited number of fonts are for use with Quote Graphic. To access more fonts, use the Expert mode.

Customize the Quote Graphic

Click the Text panel to change the text style, add a shape around text, add graphics, etc.

Change background


The Text panel has three tabs - Style, Shape, and Graphics.

  • Style- Use the Style tab (Text > Style) to change text styles such as shape and other related properties.
  • Shape- Use the Shape tab (Text > Shape) to change the shape enclosing the text.
  • Graphics- Use the Graphics tab (Text > Graphics) to add a graphic to your creation.


Text Style tab

Select from the list of available text styles.

Shape tab

Select from the list of available shapes.  

Graphics tab

Select from the list of available graphics.

Change style

Select from the list of style options to apply different styles to your creation.

Change styles
Change styles
Change styles

Add animation

Add animation to your creation using the Animate panel in the bottom-right corner.


Save and Print

Save your creation as an image or as an animated GIF.


In the Taskbar, click Save. You can save your Quote Graphic creation in various formats such as PSD, BMP, JPEG, PNG, and more.

After applying an animation, it can be saved as a GIF by clicking Save inside the Animate panel.



To print the Quote Graphic, click Print in the Taskbar.