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Photoshop desktop

December 2020 (version 22.1.0) release

November 2020 (version 22.0.1) release

October 2020 (version 22.0.0) release

September 2020 (version 21.2.4) release

September 2020 (version 21.2.3) release

August 2020 (version 21.2.2) release

  • Unable to apply lock functionality by double-clicking modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) in the Modifier Keys panel.

July 2020 (version 21.2.1) release

June 2020 (version 21.2) release

May 2020 (version 21.1.3) release

April 2020 (version 21.1.2) release

March 2020 (version 21.1.1) release

February 2020 (version 21.1.0) release

January 2020 (version 21.0.3) release

  • (macOS) Enabled the Hardened Runtime capability to support Apple's notarization requirements for macOS apps.
  • (Windows) Fixed crash with Select Subject.   

December 2019 (version 21.0.2) release

November 2019 (version 21.0.1) release

  • Fixed performance issues and freezing issue if Home or New Document dialog is left open too long
  • Fixed performance issue accessing Save As dialog on Windows

November 2019 (version 21.0) release

Earlier versions

July 2020 (version 20.0.10) release

  • Security fixes

March 2020 (version 20.0.9) release

December 2019 (version 20.0.8) release

October 2019 (version 20.0.7) release

  • Fixed issue where saving presets didn't work or gave a "Program Error" on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Fixed issue where Export Layer to Files, Layer Comps to Files, and Layer Comps to PDF did not work on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

See Photoshop and macOS Catalina (10.15) for additional compatibility details.

The version number for Windows was bumped to 20.0.7 for consistency.

August 2019 (version 20.0.6) release

  • Security fix. See this article for more information.

June 2019 (version 20.0.5) release

March 2019 (version 20.0.4) release

February 2019 (version 20.0.3) release

January 2019 (version 20.0.2) release

November 2018 (version 20.0.1) release

October 2018 (version 20.0) release

August 2019 (version 19.1.9) release

  • Security fix. See this article for more information.

March 2019 (version 19.1.8) release

  • Security fix. See this article for more information.

November 2018 (version 19.1.7) release

  • Security fix. See this article for more information.

August 2018 (version 19.1.6) release

  • Security fix for a memory corruption issue when opening .tga and .pct files. See this article for more information.

June 2018 (version 19.1.5) release

May 2018 (version 19.1.4) release

April 2018 (version 19.1.3) release

March 2018 (version 19.1.2) release

February 2018 (version 19.1.1) release

  • Issue while using the Properties panel: The default tracking value is 1 and negative values don't work.
  • (Windows-only) Lens Flare preview repeats at 175% and 225%.
  • Vanishing Point pixel data distorted while hovering over with brush tools
  • Issue while finding the path specified for the CanoScan 9000F Mark II scanner
  • (Windows-only) Old font name flashing in the Font Name field of the Character panel when arrowing through the fonts

January 2018 (version 19.1) release

November 2017 (version 19.0.1) release


There is an issue where the About dialog and Help > System Info do not show the correct version. For more details, see Photoshop Version Displayed Incorrectly.

October 2017 (version 19.0) release


Photoshop on the iPad

December 2020 (version 2.0.2) release

This month's update brings a few fixes to improve compatibility with iPadOS 14.x including fixes for:

  • "Unsupported file type" errors when placing photos if access to the camera roll has not been granted.
  • Brush and Eraser tools displaying no brushes requiring you to uninstall and reinstall the app.

October 2020 (version 2.0) release

This month's update brings a few fixes to improve performance and stability of cloud documents and other parts of the app.

September 2020 (version 1.6.2) release

This month's update brings a few fixes to customer-reported issues and polish to the app. We continue to update and improve the app with your feedback. Continue to send us feedback and your thoughts.

August 2020 (version 1.6.1) release

  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash when using adjustment layers.
  • A few user interface improvements have been added to make the experience smoother.
  • Added fixes to improve app performance.

July 2020 (version 1.6) release

Fixed an issue where double tapping on or adding adjustment layers caused a crash.

June 2020 (version 1.5) release

  • Fixed an issue with fonts selections in the Type tool.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the Share button caused unwanted brush strokes.

May 2020 (version 1.4.1) release

Fixed an issue causing Photoshop on the iPad to crash.

May 2020 (version 1.4) release

  • Fixed a bug from editing text layers in 32-bit files.
  • The tool bar has been updated to new iOS standards to be smoother and easier to use.

February 2020 (version 1.2.1) release

  • We're aware of a crash issue on iPadOS 13.3 which may arise when interacting with the color picker or duplicating layers. To fix the issue, update to iPadOS 13.4.
  • The selection view mode for overlay has been inverted to match Desktop's. (Pro-tip: if you have an attached keyboard, pressing F cycles through selection view modes).
  • Select Subject performance on older iPad models with less memory has been improved.
  • A UI bug that appeared with the Gaussian Blur tool has been fixed.

January 2020 (version 1.1.1) release

With this release, we’ve brought in a handful of bug fixes to help your experience stay smooth:

  • Fixed some instances where Select Subject caused the app to crash.
  • Fixed some cases where the app would crash if your Creative Cloud account storage was 100% full when trying to open a document.

Thank you for your feedback on new feature requests and bugs!

December 2019 (version 1.1) release

With this release, many common bugs have been quickly squashed and fixed, including:

  • Cloud Documents: Performance optimizations that deliver even swifter upload and download of your cloud documents.
  • User Interface: Tweaks to the UI to address layer thumbnails, dismissing pop-ups, refreshing while offline, and tool options.
  • Brushing: Fixed some instances where unwanted brush strokes appeared while masking, or brush strokes didn't appear when expected.
  • Image placing: Updated Creative Cloud Libraries to sync folders properly; fixed issues with Adobe Stock licensed photos and watermarks.
  • Type: Fixed some instances of letter capitalization, issues on "undo" action with new layers and Japanese text.
  • Input: Updated Gaussian blur and touch shortcut tools to address keyboard and UI bugs.
  • Miscellaneous: Addressed some issues causing crashes on file opening, correct image dimensions, and split-screen view UI bugs.

November 2019 (version 1.0.2) release

We're always working to listen and improve! We've made some more small updates to implement your feedback and address bugs as we work to continuously improve your Photoshop experience.

  • We've heard that signing up sometimes isn't perfectly clear, so we've updated the sign-up process to be easier as you try the app as a new user, or sign-in as an existing user.
  • Your feedback and evaluation of Photoshop is important to us! We've implemented an in-app review for you to provide feature requests and immediate feedback to us on your experience.

Thank you for continuing to provide feedback and input - continue to do so by visiting our feedback forums on the web!

November 2019 (version 1.0.1) release

Thank you for support of our launch this week of Photoshop on the iPad! The team is excited about our shared journey ahead with all of you, as we look to shape the future of Photoshop on mobile. A key part of that journey is listening to all of your feedback, and responding to it with regular releases that include improvements, and in the near future, new features. And with that, we would like to introduce you to the changes in our first of many subsequent releases!
  • We know signing in can be one of the harder parts of using software, and so we have put some improvements in place that should help you better navigate your way into the world of Photoshop on the iPad!
  • Fixed issue where customers would see "We had a problem connecting to the Adobe servers. Please try again later."
  • Help is not very helpful when you can't actually tap on links or navigate backwards and forwards! We have again made help helpful by fixing our Photoshop User Guide, which you can find by tapping on the ? in the editor.