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Learn about new features available in the November 2019 release of Photoshop on the iPad (version 1.0).

align and distribute

Cloud documents

With Photoshop now on the iPad, use cloud documents to work across Mac, Windows, and iPad; they're saved to Adobe's cloud as you work.  

align and distribute

Open and edit large PSDs

Seamlessly create professional PSDs, work on real-world projects—anywhere, anytime, and across devices.


align and distribute

Create stunning composites

Combine your selections and layer masks to create sophisticated, non-destructive composites with the precision and control of your fingers or stylus.

align and distribute

Retouch your documents

Quickly select powerful tools such as clone stamp and spot heal healing to remove unwanted parts from your composites.

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Cloud documents

Photoshop Cloud documents

Cloud documents are Adobe's cloud-native files that you can easily open and edit in any of Adobe's compatible apps. Cloud documents enable you to seamlessly access your work across devices. Simply connect to the Internet, open your PSD from the Cloud documents tab in the app home screen and pick where you left off.

Saving your creative work as a cloud document provides you with exclusive benefits:

  • Seamlessly access files across devices: Access your work from anywhere—Photoshop on your desktop, on your laptop, Photoshop on the iPad, and Adobe Fresco. Your work is saved safely in the cloud wherever you work.
  • Use one file across products: Simply create a cloud document in Photoshop on your desktop and work on it in Adobe Fresco or Photoshop on the iPad. Or vice versa.
  • Keep your files up-to-date and safe: Cloud documents automatically save your most recent version. You can pick up from where you left off across your devices, whether working in office or on the go.
  • Work offline: Your offline version will automatically sync when you reconnect to the Internet. For Photoshop on the desktop, working offline has not changed from previous versions.

Cloud documents, Creative Cloud files, and other synced files are part of the Creative Cloud services included with your membership and count toward your Creative Cloud storage allocation.

Open and edit large PSDs

Open up full-size PSDs on your iPad and automatically store them in the cloud, without the fear of losing your work. You get the same fidelity, power, and performance no matter what device you're working on, even when you're designing with thousands of layers. 

Open and edit large PSDs on your iPad

For related helpful information, see Create, open, and save cloud documents.

Create stunning composites

You can work with layers and use selection and masking to create impressive composites.

  • Layers contain the images, text, and objects that make up a layered file. They let you move, edit, and work with content on one layer without affecting content on other layers. Use layers to perform tasks such as compositing multiple images, adding text to an image, and apply filters and adjustments.
  • Selections isolate one or more parts of your document. By selecting specific areas, you can edit locally, and apply effects and filters to portions of your document while leaving the deselected areas untouched.
  • Masks enable you to hide portions of a layer and reveal portions of the layers below. Masks are nondestructive, which means you can go back and re‑edit the masks later without losing the pixels they hide.
Create stunning composites

To learn more about compositing, see:

Retouch your documents

While on your iPad, use Spot Healing Brush and Clone Stamp in Photoshop to easily touch up your documents and fix imperfections in your composites.

Spot Healing Brush: The Spot Healing Brush () tool paints with a sampled part from your document and matches the texture, lighting, transparency, and shading of the sampled part to the part of the document being healed. The Spot Healing Brush tool does not require you to specify a sample spot; it automatically picks samples from around the part of the document to be retouched.

Clone Stamp: The Clone Stamp () tool paints one part of your document over another part of the same document. You can also paint one part of a layer over another layer. The Clone Stamp tool is useful for duplicating objects or removing a defect in your composite. To use the Clone Stamp tool, you set a sampling point on the area you want to clone from and paint over another area.

artboard_4before1 Retouch your document and remove unwanted parts using Spot Healing and Clone Stamp tools

To learn more, see Retouch your composites.

Use touch shortcuts and gestures

Use quick gestures and touch shortcuts to make edits directly on your canvas and speed up your workflow. Also, the user interface is context-aware. So you can display only the core tools and panes you need and focus on your document without cluttering the canvas. 

Touch shortcuts for Brush tool
Left: Primary touch shortcut. Right: Secondary touch shortcut.

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