What's new in Premiere Pro

New features

May 2021 release (version 15.2)

Text Gradients

Add more visual impact to titles and text with new tools in the Essential Graphics panel for applying gradients. Use text gradients with opacity to give letters a sheen or metallic look.

Label colors for captions

Caption items in the Captions track now have the same label color options as other items on the timeline. 

Improved caption trimming

Edit video files containing embedded captions more intuitively. Caption items are linked to their associated video and audio clips, making it easier to fine-tune edits and keep everything in sync on the Timeline.  

New Loudness Meter

The new Loudness Meter transparently measures program loudness for full mixes, single tracks, or buses and submixes.

Support for DirectX12 display technology on Windows

DirectX now replaces OpenGL as the default display rendering technology for Premiere Pro, providing improved stability. DirectX also supports native High Dynamic Range (HDR) playback for Premiere Pro with HDR10-capable monitors and a DirectX-compatible GPU.

Canon XF HEVC performance improvements

Performance optimizations in Premiere Pro mean smoother playback and scrubbing on the timeline, as well as faster seeking. 

Previous releases of Premiere Pro

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