Photoshop Elements 15 on 2007 Mac machines

On 2007 manufactured Mac machines, such as iMac 7.1 and MacBook Pro 3.1 (systems manufactured in mid/late 2007), MMXCore.plugin, one of the performance optimization plugins that gets installed with Adobe Photoshop Elements 15, is not compatible. Due to this, the application crashes on launch on specifically these Mac machines.


Follow these steps to trash the plug-in:

  1. In the Finder window, click Go > Applications > Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 > Support Files.

  2. Right click Adobe Photoshop Elements and select Show Package Contents.

  3. Navigate to Contents > Required > Plug-Ins > Extensions.

  4. Search for MMXCore.plugin and move it to trash.

  5. Launch Photoshop Elements 15.

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