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Fixed issues in Bridge

Find issues fixed in the latest release of Bridge.

This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed each release. To report an issue, submit your issue on the feedback site.

For a summary of features introduced in Bridge, see the New features summary.

Looking for issues fixed in prior versions of Bridge?

See Fixed issues in prior versions of Bridge.

May 2024 (version 14.1) release

April 2024 (version 14.0.4) release

March 2024 (version 14.0.3) release

Launch IssueS

Metadata Panel



  • Auto-stack/Panorama and Process collections in Photoshop are not available on Mac ARM

Favorite Panel

Collection PANEL

  • Smart collection's source changes to "Use current folder" after migrating preferences


Performance ISSUES

Filter Panel

  • Checkboxes cannot be activated with the keyboard in the Filter panel


  • Output templates are not getting migrated from 13.x to 14.0.



File Operations

Folder Panel

Favorite Panel

Output templates

  • Output templates are not getting migrated from 13.x to 14.0.

New Window

Batch Rename

Collections Panel

  • By default, the Collection Name isn't selected or in editable mode while creating a New Collection. 

Adobe Photo Downloader (APD)

  • Get photos from camera not working
  • Memory goes high and Bridge hangs while removing/disconnecting the external drive after importing/browsing files from the external drive. [Mac]

Performance Issues

  • High CPU usage by Bridge when idle.
  • Drag and Drop files within the same folder in the Content Panel to reorder files.
  • Scroll using the Up/Down Arrow Keys and Trackpad/Mouse
    • Some slowness may still be observed when working with folders that contain numerous large and heavy files. We are working on this, and upcoming releases will introduce further improvements.


  • The PageUp/PageDown button from the keyboard isn't working in the Content panel.
  • Pressing "-" in the Content panel does not select the file if the file name contains "-“.
  • Placing multiple supported files in Stager only processes one selected file, lacking proper error notification.
  • Not keeping folder names with acute accents separately while sorting by file names. [Swedish Language] 
  • Zip file creation generates duplicate entries/files in a few non-English locales. [Mac] 
  • Stability and Security fixes

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