Organize with CSV files

This page provides guidelines for using a CSV to index your files.

A CSV document (comma-separated values) is a spreadsheet that allows you to attach titles, keywords, and releases to several files at once. Using a CSV helps you organize your files but it is optional. You can create a CSV in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software and save the file as CSV.


If you are located outside the US and using Microsoft Excel to create a CSV file, you need save your document as CSV UTF-8. If you are using an older version of Excel and find this is not an option, you may need to open your CSV in Notepad and then save as CSV UTF-8.

CSV requirements

Start with our template: Download the sample CSV file to use as a template. 

Filename: Name your CSV with your name and the date you upload the CSV. Do not include spaces in the title of your CSV. For example, if your name was John Doe, your filename would be JohnDoe_7_17_17.CSV.

Header: The headers for each column must match the headers in our sample CSV. Do not translate this header row.

Rows: Each row in the CSV must represent a file you upload to Adobe Stock.

Maximum rows: Limit your CSV to a maximum of 1000 rows.

Document size: The overall document size must be 1 MB or less.

Required columns: The filename, keywords, and title are required. Other columns are optional but we highly recommend that you don’t skip categories.




The exact filename of an asset you have uploaded, including the extension, for example Myphoto1.jpg or

Must be fewer than 30 characters long.


Short and simple description of your file (70 characters or less);

Titles must be free of commas.


Keywords separated by commas and in order of relevance (50 maximum);

Keywords must not include technical data; see Titles and keywords for more information.


Enter the number that corresponds to the category that most accurately describes the file. More information on categories can be found in Choose the right category


Use the exact name of the model or property releases you uploaded to the Contributor portal; filenames must be fewer than 30 characters long.

If multiple releases with the same name are found, the most recent is used. 

All releases must be JPEGs.

CSV option is under the Upload tab

To upload your CSV, go Uploaded Files >New and click Upload CSV.

Click to browse for your CSV file

Click Choose a csv file, and browse to select your CSV. Next, you can select the Upload button. If the filenames are correct, the system connects all metadata (titles, categories, and keywords) to your files.

You are welcome to continue updating the same CSV and uploading it—to a maximum of 1000 rows.


We cannot accept XLS or other file types. Submit one CSV for an entire batch of uploads.

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