Download, install, and set up your VR headsets and SteamVR to use the Adobe Immersive Environment in Premiere Pro.

The Adobe Immersive Environment in Premiere Pro allows you to view, review and scrub through your timeline in a Head Mount Display (HMD) and still maintain the ability to use keyboard-driven editing for tasks like dynamic trimming, and adding markers.

Set up VR headsets

You can use a VR headset to view your 360º video while working in Premiere Pro. To use a VR headset, your system must meet the VR system requirements, and you need to install Steam software. 

Premiere Pro supports the following VR headsets:

Follow the high-level instructions in the table to install and set up your VR environment.

VR headset High-level instructions

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive on Windows

HTC Vive on Mac
Windows Mixed Reality

Download and configure Steam

  1. Go to, and click Install Steam Now. Follow the installer instructions to install it.

  2. In Steam, follow the prompts to create a new account, or log into an existing one.

  3. From within Steam, download and install SteamVR. 


    If you are using a Windows Mixed Reality HMD, within Steam, download and install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR.

  4. From within Steam, click Run Room Setup to set up your room.

    For more information, see the Steam documentation: Room Setup and SteamVR Tutorial.

Start Adobe Immersive Environment in Premiere Pro

  1. In Premiere Pro, click Edit > Preferences > Playback.

  2. Inside the Video Device section, check that Adobe Immersive Environment is enabled.


    By default, Adobe Immersive Environment is enabled in Premiere Pro.

  3. (Optional): If you are sharing the HMD with After Effects using the Adobe Immersive Environment, then select Disable video output when in the background.

  4. To enable Adobe Immersive Environment for specific projects, click the wrench menu in the Program or Source monitor, and select Adobe Immersive Environment.

    Enabling Adobe Immersive Environment for a project
    Enabling Adobe Immersive Environment for a project


    If you have not set up the immersive environment correctly, an error message is displayed prompting you to check your set up. Check your set up against the requirements and installation information in Set up VR headsets and Download and configure Steam.

After you enable  Adobe Immersive Environment, anytime you edit footage, SteamVR automatically opens and starts communicating with Premiere Pro.

However, only footage that is 360 mono or stereo is viewable within the HMD.

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