A complete list of features that are supported when you open a Photoshop file in XD.

XD brings in Photoshop elements and effects that can be mapped to XD’s functionality, the rest are either rasterized or not transferred yet to the XD file. 

The XD team is working to improve this feature. Let us know your feedback on UserVoice.

Here is a complete list of supported and unsupported features when you open a Photoshop file in XD.

Features Supported in XD? What's missing?
Shapes and paths Partial support
  • Density and feather not imported
  • Rotated shapes are always brought in as paths regardless of their original type (rectangle, ellipse, and so on.)
Images Full support
Filters Partial support Only Gaussian blur is supported
Fills and shadows Partial support The following fills are not supported:
  • Pattern fills
  • Multiple shadows
  • Inner shadows
  • Fill opacity
  • Angle, reflected, or diamond gradient fills

The following drop shadow properties are not supported:

  • Blend mode
  • Spread
  • Contour
  • Noise
  • Knockout
  • Anti-alias

Transparency stops and middle points for gradient fills are not supported.

Borders Partial support Gradients and patterns are not supported.
Gradients Partial support

The following gradients are not supported:

  • Angle gradients
  • Reflected gradients
  • Diamond gradients

Transparency stops and middle points converted in regular stops are not supported

Opacity Full support  
Stroke effects Full support  
Image effects Partial support

The following effects are rasterised when transfered to XD:

  • Inner shadow
  • Bevel
  • Emboss
  • Glow
  • Satin
  • Color overlay
  • Gradient overlay
  • Pattern overlay
  • Drop shadow
Masks Partial support

The following are not supported:

  • Density and feather
  • Effects on clipping layers  

Layer masks are imported as masking rectangles in XD.

Overlays Partial support Effects on vector shapes override the shape’s original fill. Each overlay effect is converted into a Boolean group when transfered to XD.
Groups Full support  
Boolean Groups Partial support First composition operation other than “add” is not imported.
Layers Partial support
  • Artboard visibility is ignored.
  • Partial locks are treated as full locks.
Artboards Partial support

Artboard presets, artboard grids and guides are not transferred to the XD file.

Text Partial support

The following text features are not supported:

  • Text along a path
  • Typographic features: kerning, scaling, small caps, superscript, subscript, strikethrough.
  • Paragraph styles: multiple styles per layer, paragraph indent and space before/after, justification.
  • Antialiasing and language options
  • Vertical text is imported as horizontal
  • Text warp
Smart objects Partial support

All smart objects are rasterized and transferred as bitmaps. Smart objects filtered with unsupported smart filters are rasterized with the filters applied.

Blend modes No support  
Layer comps No support  
Adjustment layers No support  
Character styles No support  

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