Group sharing

On February 11, Adobe XD introduced Group sharing as part of XD 27 (February 2020) release. Group sharing is an enterprise-only feature that relies on syncing Microsoft Azure Active Directory with the Adobe Admin Console.

  • What's new in the XD 27 release?

Adobe XD introduced Group sharing as part of XD 27 (February 2020) release. With Group sharing, you can select and add organizational groups such as DL-xyz, Grp-abc as recipients when inviting users to XD cloud documents or sharing private links to XD design specs and prototypes.

Currently, Group sharing is available only for CCE customers who use an Enterprise ID or Federated ID and have XD Publish Services enabled. Group sharing does not work when CC Services are disabled.

  • How different is this from the current invite and share experience in XD?

Currently, you need to enter individual names and email address to add invitees to XD cloud documents or published links. This can be cumbersome and frustrating.

  • When is Group sharing used and what are its benefits?

Group sharing is used when collaborating and sharing a cloud document or published private links with multiple members of a team. With Group sharing, you can easily share your work and quickly collaborate with your team, by adding their organizational group directly instead of typing individual email addresses. This reduces the time and effort taken, and helps in frictionless collaboration.

  • What does Group sharing look like within the product experience?
Typing Adobe in invite pop-up menu shows the list of all matching groups present in your organization address book

XD group name appears in the auto-suggest drop-down

  • What are the prerequisites to get started with Group sharing?

IT Admins

For this functionality to work:

  • your organization must use Azure Active Directory as the identity provider. 
  • XD Publish Services must be enabled, and you must synchronize Microsoft Azure Active Directory with the Adobe Admin Console.
  • if Azure Active Directory is already synchronized with Adobe Admin Console, no further action is required to enable Group sharing. For information on setting up SSO with Azure AD Connector, see Set up SSO with Azure AD Connector.

 If your organization is using a different identity provider, you must switch or migrate to Azure AD to use the AD groups. Migration support is enabled only from June FY 2020.

Designer and stakeholder

For designers and stakeholders, no extra action or setup is needed.

 There are no email addresses associated with groups that are in the organizational address book. If your company has Azure AD and has all groups synced, and if you select ORG-MYBOSS-DIRECTS as a suggestion in the invite pop-up menu, then the invite works. If you manually type the email address in the invite pop-up edit field, the invite does not work.

  • How can invitees of the group access shared documents and private links?

To access private links, invitees must log with their enterprise Adobe ID. Based on the organization and groups associated, the enterprise ID is recognized and this in turns helps in managing the access.

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