Learn how to share your documents with stakeholders and manage feedback in InDesign.
Meet Adam, the designer Meet Tanya, the stakeholder
"I am the content manager for a publishing firm. I  need feedback from Tanya, my editor, on the new magazine layout that I created in InDesign." "I am the editor of a tech magazine. I have received an email from Adam asking me to review our new layout in the InDesign document."
"I want a quick way to share my document and manage feedback in real time."
"I want to provide feedback without having to download another app or a document."

Sounds familiar? If you want to share your document for review with stakeholders and manage feedback, look no further! Use the Share for Review option within InDesign to initiate collaborative reviews with stakeholders and receive feedback without having to navigate to a different app.

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Share InDesign documents and manage feedback


Share your documents online

Designers share documents for review with stakeholders through a private link or a secure password-protected public link.


Review documents online

Stakeholders receive review notifications through email or Creative Cloud application. Access the shared documents in a browser to comment or annotate.


Manage feedback

Designers and stakeholders view and access comments in real time from within InDesign. Designers resolve and reshare document for validation or review.

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We've got you started with an overview of the share workflow in InDesign. Take a step forward and learn how to share your documents for review.

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