View and inspect design specs

Learn how to view and inspect attributes such as colors, text, measurements, component states, interaction highlights, and more in design specs.

In a shared design specs link, you can view and experience the prototype, add comments and feedback contextually, and choose to get measurements and specs information for the design.

Tabs in the design specs link
Tabs in the design specs link

Design specs link opens in the prototype mode by default. To get the properties and specs info, click the  icon in the right rail.

Upon switching to the specs tab, you can hover over elements and inspect them on canvas to get attributes such as colors, text, measurements, states, and other properties displayed in the Property Inspector.

Click the icon to switch to the variables tab. This tab is available when the designer publishes a design specs link for web. When the designer defines variable names for colors and character styles in a design, you can view the design token information in the variables tab. 

Read on to learn how to view and match the attributes in a design specs.


Screen details and properties

A. Screen details: Select an object to inspect meansurements and spacing.

B. Colors: View colors marked for export.

C. Layout grid properties: Toggle to view the grids.

Text and appearance

A. Text properties: Select a line of text to view text properties appended with default units such as px, pt, and dp.

B. Appearance: View colors that are used in an object or text in the Appearance section. 

Use the Opacity slider to control the transparency of the colors.

Hidden layers

Hidden layers

Hover and right-click over the specific area to display the list of layers and its contextual details at that pixel point. 

Sub-range text

Hover over sub-ranges within a text element to  highlight similar sub-ranges within the text element.


Click Interaction highlights to view artboard details, styles, design and viewport size, overlay position, colors, character styles, and target information for the applied overlay. 

Interaction highlights

Press and hold the shift key to view the interaction highlights. To inspect them, click the displayed artifact in the Interactions section, or shift-click the interaction highlights. 

CSS snippets

  • To generate the CSS code, select the output destinaton as Web in the Share for Development window and publish the design specs.
  • You can view and copy CSS code of your design from the CSS snippets section.
  • To copy and paste the code snippet, press and drag the snippets, switch to your code editor, and paste it.

Component states

Component states in design specs
Component states in design specs

  • Select an object in the artboard and if the selected object is a component, you can inspect its multiple states. 
  • To view the different states of the selected component in the artboard, click the options under the Component list in the Property Inspector.  

  • From the Interactions section, view the interactions associated with the active state of the selected component. 
  • Click the inactive state of the component from the list to view the states on the artboard and its interactions.

Currently, if you mark a component for export, only the active state of the component is available for download. As a workaround, you can export and share the assets from XD.

Learn more

To learn more about inspecting design specs in XD, watch this video.
Viewing time: 8 minutes

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We've got you started on how to view and inspect design specs. Take a step forward and learn how to review design specs and extract assets from design specs.

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