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Learn how to share design specs with developers.

Design specs empower you to share design properties of your files with the developers. By sharing the design specs, you provide key information like object height, width, size, alignment, relative spacing between two icons (objects), colors, and typography.

When you share the design specs as public links, use Copy Embed Code option to embed your prototype link on an external website.

When you share design specs as secure private links, you can invite internal and external reviewers and set permissions to reshare them further. Reviewers can add, remove, or accept requests from other set of reviewers who want to access or view the secure private link.

When you share the design specs as password links, you can restrict access through password protection.

To share design specs:

Share for Development options
Share for Development options

  1. Open the Adobe XD file that you want to share. In XD, switch to Share mode.
  2. In the Link Settings pane, set a design spec title.
  3. From View Setting, select Development, and choose the output of your form factor (Web, iOS, or Android).

    a.   iOS: Default unit is pt, assets are available in 1x, 2x, and 3x.
    b.  Web: Default unit is px, assets are available in 1x and 2x.
    c.  Android: Default unit is dp.
     XD sets the default units of measurement based on the option chosen in the share dialog box. These default units are not editable.

4.  Click Create Link to generate a sharable link. You can also access it from the URL picker list () in the Property Inspector in           Share mode.

5.  If you want to create a secured private link, select Only invited people in the Link Access settings. Alternatively, to create a public link: 

  • Click the link to open the design specs in the default browser.
  • Click Copy Link to copy the public link and send it to developer for inspection.

6.  Add your reviewers in the Invite option and set permissions to reshare.

  • Can view lets reviewers view and add comments for the design specs shared.
  • Can share, the default permission lets reviewers reshare the design specs. Reviewers can add, remove, or accept requests from other reviewers who want to access or view the published private link.

7.  If you want to create a password link, select Anyone with Password option, and click Create Link.

8. You can continue updating your design even after you have shared the design link. Click Update Link to update the existing prototype. Alternatively, if you want to create the versions of your prototypes, click New Link to create a new shared prototype. 

If you have any issues with sharing or viewing shared design specs, see Workarounds for common design spec errors.

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