Review and comment design specs

Learn how to review and comment on design specs in XD.

Design specs have the same commenting features as prototypes. You can comment on design specs, use a commenting pin to pin the exact location of the comment, and move the pin if necessary. A commenting notification email sent to other collaborators provides a direct contextual link to the relevant artboard and not just the home artboard. Their responses are reflected when you refresh your browser.

Review workflow

Review workflow

  1. To pin or move your comments to indicate specific areas in the artboard, click Place a pin, and then click the specific location in the artboard.

    Commenting features
    Commenting features

    A. Invite option B. Zoom settings C. Full screen mode D. Support and Feedback E. Notifications F. User profile G. Menu options for comments H. Filter comments I. Hide annotations J. All Screen Comments toggle button 

  2. Type in your comment and click Submit to submit the comment. You can also switch from a regular comment to a pinned comment. XD assigns a number to every pinned comment. The comments in the comments panel also reflect these numbers, allowing designers to easily identify the context of the comment. 

  3. Use @mention while commenting to call out specific collaborators to your feedback and notify them via email or Creative Cloud application. @mention provides hints of their names based on the invite settings set in the Publish dialog box while designers share design specs.

  4. Select Cancel to cancel an added comment in the comments panel.

  5. To view the comments that have been marked as resolved, click the Filter icon, and select Resolved.

  6. To keep your comments open if they are wrongly marked as resolved, click Move to Unresolved.

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