How to modify the Breeze Event email templates


By default, the Breeze Manager Event Wizard sends out email invitations that include a link for the participants to use to register themselves for the Event.

In some cases there may be a requirement to automatically register all users for an Event and have the email invitation include a link to enter and/or login to the Event directly, effectively circumventing the Event registration process.


This can be done easily by adding the "event-login-url" runtime field to the Event invitation email template. The new email invitation would look like this:

To get the new email invitation to appear as above, the invitation template needs to be modified. This can be done while creating a new Event (using the Event Wizard) or after an Event has already been created (by changing the Events "E-mail Options"). The following procedure shows the steps when using the Event Wizard.

  1. Use the Event Wizard to create a new Event as normal.
  2. On the Event Wizard E-Mail Options page, click the Customize link to customize/modify the Event invitation for thisEvent.

  3. On the Customize page, in the Message Body area, type the new message and Run Time Field to modify the email invitation. Make sure to include the Run Time Field {event-login-url}.

  4. Optionally, the line to register for the event can be removed from the invitation.

  5. Click Save and continue through the Event Wizard as normal.

At this point, when the participants receive the email invitation, it will contain a link for them to enter the Event directly.

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