Exporting OMF files for Pro Tools

You can export all the active audio tracks from an entire sequence in Premiere Pro to an Open Media Format (OMF) file. DigiDesign Pro Tools imports OMF files, when the DigiTranslator feature is licensed. With DigiTranslator in Pro Tools, you can sweeten soundtracks from Premiere Pro.


The OMF files exported by Premiere Pro are not officially supported for platforms other than ProTools. Premiere Pro does not import OMF files.

Export an OMF file for Pro Tools

  1. In a Timeline panel, select a sequence.
  2. Select File > Export > OMF.
  3. In the OMF Export Settings dialog box, type a title for the OMF file into the OMF Title field.
  4. From the Sample Rate and Bits Per Sample menus, choose the settings needed for your sequence.
  5. From the Files menu, choose one of the following:


    With this setting, Premiere Pro exports an OMF file containing the project metadata and all the audio for the selected sequence. Encapsulated OMF files typically are large.

    Separate Audio

    With this setting, Premiere Pro exports individual mono AIF files into an _omfiMediaFiles folder. The folder name contains the OMF filename. Using AIF files assures maximum compatibility with legacy audio systems.

  6. From the Render menu, choose one of the following:

    Copy Complete Audio Files

    With this setting, Premiere Pro exports audio for the entirety of each clip used in the sequence, no matter how many times the clip is used nor how many parts of the clip are used.

    Trim Audio Files

    With this setting, Premiere Pro exports only the portions of each clip that are used in the sequence: the clip instances. You can choose to export each clip instance with extra length, handles, added to the start and end of the file.

  7. In the Handle Frames field, specify the length of the handles, in video frames. This amount of time is added to the start and end of the exported files when you choose Consolidate Media. The default setting is one second, in frames, at the sequence frame rate. If the length of the handles you specify exceeds the length of the clip instance, Premiere Pro exports the whole clip instance.
  8. Launch Pro Tools, and import the OMF file. For more information on importing files into Pro Tools, see Pro Tools Help.

Features supported in OMF files

On export to OMF, Premiere Pro exports files with the following attributes and metadata:


Premiere Pro applies only the effects listed, on export to OMF. Also, since OMF values are clip-based, Premiere Pro does not export most track-based values to OMF.

Sample accurate exports

Premiere Pro places all transitions and keyframe points on audio sample boundaries. Video frame boundaries do not constrain these locations.

48k and 96k sample rates

Premiere Pro converts sound clips to the same consistent sample rate, as required by Pro Tools. You can select the sample rate at the time of export.

16-bit and 24-bit depth

You can choose the bit-depth at the time of export.

Encapsulate and Separate Audio options

With the Encapsulate option, you can export a single, large, OMF file containing both audio and OMF metadata. With the Separate Audio option, you can export a smaller OMF file and a set of related, individual, external audio files. The Separate Audio option is useful for larger projects, as an OMF file cannot exceed two gigabytes.

Track names

OMF and Pro Tools work with mono tracks only. Premiere Pro exports each channel from a stereo, 5.1-channel or 16-channel track into its own mono track with its source track ID appended to its track name. Premiere Pro exports Left and Right stereo channels with _L and _R in their respective track names.

Clip names

After you import an OMF file into Pro Tools, the clip names from the Premiere Pro sequence appear in the Pro Tools timeline.

Clip volume and clip keyframe volume

By default, Premiere Pro exports clip volume levels and clip keyframe volume levels to the Clip Gain effect in the OMF file. You can set DigiTranslator to accept or ignore keyframe volume settings.

Audio Transitions

Premiere Pro exports audio transitions between two adjoining clips, both centered or not centered, as you specify.

Audio Mixer pan settings

One pan setting is exported per clip without keyframes. Premiere Pro extracts the pan setting from the track and applies it to the clip export data.

Stereo tracks

By default, Premiere Pro hard pans the Left channel to the left and the Right channel to the right on export to OMF.

Stereo Balance

Premiere Pro applies clip balance to the Clip Gain effect for the clip. Premiere Pro does not apply Audio Mixer balance, as that is track-based, not clip-based.

Channel Gain effects for 5.1-channel and 16-channel tracks

Premiere Pro applies the first channel-gain value per clip channel. Premiere Pro does not apply clip channel-gain keyframes.

Fill Left, Fill Right, and Swap Channel effects

Premiere Pro applies the first value for Fill Left, Fill Right, and Swap Channel effects to each clip. Premiere Pro does not apply Fill Left, Fill Right, or Swap Channel keyframes.

Toggle Track Output

Premiere Pro exports only those audio tracks with the Toggle Track Output setting turned on. If a track is turned off it does not appear in the exported OMF file. Premiere Pro does not apply the Audio Mixer Mute Track, or Solo Track button settings.

Nested sequences

Premiere Pro exports audio for each nested sequence the same way it does for each simple clip.

Merged Clips

Premiere Pro exports audio the same way it does for master clips and subclips.

Tips for importing OMF files into Pro Tools

In the DigiTranslator dialog box:

  • Deselect Pan Odd Tracks Left/Even Tracks Right.

  • For automatic gain control, select Convert Clip Based Gain To Automation.

  • Leave Sample Rate Conversion deselected, unless you need sample rate conversion.

In the Missing Files dialog box:

  • Change the default setting to Manually Find And Relink, and press OK.

  • Deselect all options.

  • Navigate to the <projectName> ExternalMediaFiles folder and select it.

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