Learn how to view, create, group, lock, hide, and move layers in Adobe XD.

Layers in Adobe XD is an adaptation of the layers in Ai and Ps that you know and depend on, but are re-imagined for UX designers. Only the layers that are associated with the artboard you are working on are highlighted, so your panel stays clean and uncluttered. You can view all the artboards in your document and immediately pan and zoom to a specific artboard from the Layer panel. Double-clicking an artboard icon contextually displays only the layers for that artboard. Reorder, rename, show/hide, and lock/unlock layers quickly and easily.

Access layers using the shortcut Command + Y (on Mac), or Ctrl + Y (on Windows), or click the  icon in the toolbar.

Layers in an artboard called 'Tastebuds'

By default, each object in your project resides on its own layer. For example, when you draw a rectangle, a new layer for this rectangle is created. When you draw another rectangle, a separate layer, with the default name 'Rectangle 2' is created. 

When you group objects on the artboard, the layers corresponding to the grouped objects are also grouped in the Layer panel. When you combine objects using Boolean operations, the layers of objects are replaced with a single layer, with the name of the Boolean operation.

You can manage layers, for example, group, rename, duplicate, or export layers, using the Layer panel:

  • To group layers, multiselect layers, right-click, and pick Group from the context menu.
  • To rename a layer, double-click the name of the layer and type a new name. Press Tab to continue editing the next layer or artboard name.
  • To duplicate a layer, right-click the layer and select Duplicate.
  • To hide a layer, hover your mouse over the layer, and click . To show the layer, click . Hidden layers are not visible on the artboard.
  • To lock a layer, hover your mouse over the layer, and click . To unlock the layer, click the . Locked layers are excluded from all the editing operations that you perform in the artboard.
  • To export layers, select the layers, right-click and select Export. Choose the export options in the dialog box that is displayed. 
  • To create a symbol using a layer or a group of layers, right-click the layer and select Make Symbol. For more information, see Work with symbols.
  • To delete a layer, right-click the layer and select Delete.


You can manage artboards easily using the Layer panel. For example, if you are working with layers, press Esc, and the Layer panel switches to the artboard view. You can also right-click the artboard names in the Layer panel to copy, paste, duplicate, rename, delete, or export artboards.

Objects that are not on any artboard and are placed on pasteboard, are grouped under 'Pasteboard' in the Layer panel.

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