UltraDev websites

Web designers using UltraDev in Dreamweaver can find useful information on the websites listed.

UltraDev web developer sites

The following websites provide useful information to web designers using UltraDev. With the exception of the DHTML Zone, these sites are not affiliated in any way with Adobe and, while Adobe employees may occasionally post messages or reply to messages on these sites, Adobe does not commit its employees to monitoring these sites and/or replying to messages on them. Likewise, Adobe has no editorial control over content found there and makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or veracity of any information found there. They are presented to you as additional resources that may benefit you or your work with UltraDev. Please read any FAQs that these sites make available and observe any etiquette that these sites require.

UltraDev websites and extensions created by advanced users

This is a list of websites, extensions, and resources for the UltraDev community. The list is in no particular order.

Dreamweaver Fever
The Dreamweaver Bible - Behaviors and objects hosted by Joseph Lowery.
Rick Curtis' Ultradev Tutorials
Ottivacs Design - UltraDev Shopping Cart II, a cart version which extends upon the original cart concept.

UltraDev user groups and forums

Magazines and assorted links

Web programming resources

Adobe ColdFusion



Database / SQL fundamentals

SQL Server

Cross-browser DHTML

Resources available from the W3C

Microsoft's Internet Technology pages

Browser links

Evolt - Browser Archive


CGI scripts



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