Change Group to Product in CSV file

How to change CSV files from Groups to Products for bulk user uploads in the Admin Console

In Admin Console that are updated to include Administrative Roles, the Groups tab has been changed to Products. This change affects how CSV files need to be created for bulk-uploading users. The sample CSV in the Identity tab of the Admin Console has not been updated at the time this article was written.

For an updated version of a sample CSV file, which you can use until the sample in the Dashboard is updated, download the sample CSV file below.

NOTE: There are several limitations that must be taken into consideration, which are listed below.


Download the file and double-click the file to unzip it. You can then open the file into Excel.

·         You must create the group under a product before importing. 
·         Only use the Group names you created on the product tabs within the CSV.
·         Group names should be unique per product.  You can’t have two groups called PDH under Complete Plan -  0 GB and InDesign 0 GB.  Give them unique names examples would be PDH – Complete no storage and PDH – InDesign with services. 
·         Create a group under support if you wish to assign support contacts. 
·         The Administrators group will assign people to the System Administrators role.
·         We have no way to add people to the Deployment Administrators role. 


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