Configure Adobe Acrobat as default PDF viewer in Microsoft Teams

Get Adobe PDF experience in Microsoft Teams 

As a Microsoft Teams admin, you can set up an installation policy from the MS Teams Admin Center. You can provide the necessary permissions for Adobe Acrobat to be the default app for viewing and editing PDFs. All PDF files within the Chat, Channels, and Files app will open directly in the Acrobat app within Teams once Acrobat is set as default. Tenant users don't require an Adobe Acrobat subscription or an Adobe ID to view PDFs, bookmarks, or search PDFs. The users can also comment and annotate PDFs for free after signing in. However, to Organize, Combine, Export, Compress or Protect a PDF, the tenant users must be signed in with an Adobe Acrobat subscription.

Supported browsers

Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams is supported on all modern browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Language versions

Adobe Acrobat for Microsoft Teams is available in the following languages:













Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese






Set up Adobe Acrobat app to work in the tenant

  1. Log in to Teams admin center.

  2. In the left panel, go to Teams apps > Manage apps.

  3. Search for the Adobe Acrobat app. In the search results, select Adobe Acrobat and then go to the app details page.

    Search for Adobe Acrobat


    Allow the Adobe Acrobat app to proceed if an admin setting, app permission policy, or organization-wide setting blocks the app.

  4. On the Permissions tab, select Review permission.

    Review permissions

  5. Click Accept to grant consent.

    Accept permissions

Install Adobe Acrobat for all users

  1. In the Teams admin center, go to Teams apps > Setup policies in the left-pane.

  2. Under Manage Policies, select Global (Org-wide default) and then select Edit.

    Manage policies

  3. In the Installed apps section, click Add apps. 

    Add apps

  4. Search Adobe Acrobat, select Add next to the app name, and then select Add.

    Add Adobe Acrobat app

  5. Click Save.

    Save the policy

    The Adobe Acrobat app is configured with Teams to open any PDF files in the Adobe Acrobat app from the Chat, Channel, or Files app. To allow Adobe Acrobat for particular users or a group, assign a custom app permission policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pinning PDF files (powered by Adobe) as a tab on the channel is not supported as of now.
  • The PDF experience inside the Assignments app will remain within Team's experience.


It depends on the time that it takes for the policy to take effect. A policy typically takes a few hours to come into effect. For more information, see Manage app setup policies.

  • End users can simply uninstall the app from the client.
  • Admins can remove the Adobe app from preinstalling policy.

Remove the pre-install policy before the app is blocked to ensure that users safe return to the default Teams experience.

See documentation about how Adobe handles data.

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