Key shortcuts

This list covers some helpful shortcuts for some Photoshop features.


To clear print settings, hold down the spacebar while selecting File > Print.

H: Temporarily hide on-canvas UI
M: Temporarily show blur mask


M: Load Last Mesh
X: Mirror Tool

Crop tool

Double-click inside crop box, or press Enter or Return
Commit crop
Esc Cancel crop
X Switch crop box orientation between portrait and landscape
I (Creative Cloud only) Front Image for Crop tool and Perspective Crop tool
Backspace or Delete Reset crop box
O Cycle overlay options
Shift + O Cycle overlay orientation for Triangle and Golden Spiral overlays
Forward slash (/) Hide and show cropped area
Shift + drag Create new crop box
Shift + drag corner handle Constrain proportions
Control (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) Invoke Straighten tool
Control + rotate Prevent crop box from shrinking
Shift + rotate Restrict to 15-degree increments
Shift + drag image Restrict to 45-degree axes
Control + drag Temporarily disable snapping to edge

Adaptive Wide Angle

Tool shortcuts
C: Constraint tool
Y: Polygon Constraint tool
M: Move tool
H: Hand tool
Z: Zoom tool

Control shortcuts
P: Preview
W: Show Constraint
E: Show Mesh
T: Correction
S: Scale
F: Focal Length
R: Crop Factor
A: As Shot

Hidden shortcuts not visible in interface
L: Toggle transparent matte
X: Temorary zoom
E: Revert the last-added polygon corner

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