Use a tracing image to design a page

Insert an image file in Dreamweaver to use as a guide to design over your page. Use Page Properties to add a tracing image.

You can insert an image file to use as a guide in designing your page. The image appears as a background image, which you can “design over” as you lay out your page.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click File > Page Properties
    • Click Window > Properties, and click Page Properties in the text Property inspector.


  2. From the Page Properties dialog box, select Tracing Image. You can configure the following options from this panel:

    • Tracing Image: Specifies an image to use as a guide for copying a design. This image is for reference only, and does not appear when the document is displayed in a browser.
    • Transparency: Determines the opacity of the tracing image, from completely transparent to completely opaque.


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