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Content Credentials for assets generated with Adobe Firefly

Learn why Adobe applies Content Credentials and what information is included when they are automatically applied to assets generated with Adobe Firefly.

Content Credentials in Adobe Firefly

Content Credentials are a new kind of tamper-evident metadata that can be applied to your assets at export or download. They increase transparency around the origins and history of the assets they are applied to.

Sometimes, you can enable and apply Content Credentials to your assets. This article focuses on other cases where Adobe automatically applies Content Credentials to assets generated with Adobe Firefly features, such as Text to Image, Text Effects, Generative Fill, Generative Recolor, and Text to Vector Graphic. This is done as part of Adobe’s commitment to supporting transparency around the use of generative AI.

The text to image gallery in Adobe Firefly with the information icon on an image highlighted
You can view Content Credentials in supporting implementations like Adobe Firefly Gallery.

What information is included?

The following non-personal identifiable information is always included in Content Credentials automatically applied to assets generated with Adobe Firefly features:

  • Output thumbnail: visual thumbnail of the output; displays only for outputs generated using the Text to Image feature in the Firefly web app
  • Issuer: Adobe Inc., the organization responsible for issuing the Content Credential
  • Content summary: a notice that Adobe generative AI was used in the creation of the asset
  • App or device used: the Adobe software application or hardware device used to produce the asset
  • AI tool used: the Adobe generative AI tool used
  • Actions: the general editing and processing actions taken to produce the asset. Only “Created” or “Other edits” actions will be listed for assets generated with Adobe Firefly features.

What information is not included?

For assets generated with Adobe Firefly features, if you've not enabled Content Credentials or don't have the option to enable or disable them in a given product or service, the following information will not be included in automatically applied Content Credentials:

  • Output thumbnail: visual thumbnail of the output if it was not generated using the Text to Image feature in the Firefly web app
  • Ingredients: thumbnail previews of other assets used to produce the final asset
  • Connections to pre-existing Content Credentials: connections to any pre-existing Content Credentials associated with your asset or its ingredients

Where are my Content Credentials stored?

Content Credentials for assets generated with Adobe Firefly features are attached to their respective files and may be published to Adobe’s public Content Credentials cloud.

Storing a copy of your Content Credentials in Adobe’s Content Credentials cloud makes them persistent and recoverable via Verify. Verify is a service offered by Adobe that allows you to view Content Credentials associated with a selected asset if they exist. Verify and the Content Credentials cloud are inspection and recovery tools for Content Credentials, not gallery or search services.

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