Adobe will stop the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Adobe Story CC, Adobe Story CC (Classic), and Adobe Story CC desktop application will be discontinued. See End of service FAQ for more information.

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Story now has an option to validate the set and character names in a script. When you select Edit > Validate set names, Story displays new set names that are not part of the set list yet. You can then add these set names to the assigned lists. By selecting Edit > Validate character names, you can display and then add new characters’ names to the assigned character list.

Validate characters

You can add speaking/non-speaking characters added to a script. If you add multiple characters to a script that are not present in the relevant list, you can use the Validate Character Names command in the Edit menu to add them.

  1. Select Edit > Validate Character Names.

  2. In the New Characters dialog, select the names you want to add to the character list and click OK.

    Story displays a message that the characters are added to the character list.

Validate set names

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

If you have added sets directly to your script, you can select Edit > Validate Set Names to add the sets to a set list.

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