Fixed issues

We heard you! We've been working hard at fixing the issues you reported to us. Here's a list of issues we fixed in the latest release of Illustrator.

Important Reminder:

Adobe will disable support for authoring with Type 1 fonts in January 2023. See the PostScript® Type 1 End of Support help article for more details.

fixed issues

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Illustrator 2024 (version 28.5)

Illustrator 2024 (version 28.4.1)

Illustrator 2024 (version 28.3)

Illustrator 2024 (version 28.2)

Illustrator 2023 (version 28.1)

Illustrator 2023 (version 28.0)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.9)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.8.1)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.7)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.6.1)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.5)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.4)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.3)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.2)

This release includes stability fixes.

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.1.1)

This release includes stability fixes.

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.1)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.0.1)

Illustrator 2023 (version 27.0)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.5)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.4.1)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.3.1)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.2.1)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.1)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.0.3)

This release includes stability fixes.

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.0.2)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.0.1)

Illustrator 2022 (version 26.0)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.4.1)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.3.1)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.2.3)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.2.1)

This release includes stability fixes.

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.2)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.1)

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.0.1)

  • [macOS only] Text fields in third-party plug-ins do not work after using a built-in Illustrator text field
  • [macOS only] Illustrator hangs on launch with old Wacom drivers 
  • [macOS only] Illustrator crashes on launch if coolType font is present
  • Incorrect URL for the Help icon in Recolor dialog
  • Display of GPU out of memory error dialog when creating a document
  • Crash and stability issues

Illustrator 2021 (version 25.0)

Previous releases

Stability fixes

  • Text disappears when typing continuously without space
  • Illustrator crashes when computer is in sleep mode
  • Illustrator throws an error message: Can't finish previewing 
  • Selecting a color with Eyedropper and applying it on the text doesn't work

Stability fixes

Stability fixes

Stability fixes

  • [Windows only] While saving as PDF, the 'Use Artboard' option is not selected
  • Cannot add an anchor point with the Option key when using the Delete Anchor Point tool
  • [macOS 10.15] Illustrator Home screen is unclear when third-party plugins are installed
  • To reset your preferences, a new Reset Preferences option is provided in the General tab of the Preferences dialog. For more details, see Reset Preferences.
  • Typography disappears when the text is added on a curved path
  • Gradient sliders disappear while working
  • Illustrator crashes when using the Eyedropper tool
  • [macOS only] Cannot print on postscript printer or save as PS file when the Lao MN.ttc font is used


  • The 'Horizontal Align Center' option does not align text with the center of object if text has tracking applied on it
  • Illustrator throws an error message while printing if the Myanmar MN regular font is used
  • Cannot move paragraph indent markers back to 0 in Tab panel
  • Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End do not work while typing text
  • Composite Font dialog should be resizable
  • Add a character panel flyout option to enable or disable the font preview

Drawing tools

File input/output


  • B5 paper size is incorrect on new document dialog
  • Default location of newly created document is not in the center of the visible canvas area

CC Libraries

  • Add color to Creative Cloud library should be turned off by default


  • Expanding appearance for stroke with Scatter brush results into extra bounding box in Outline Mode


  • Actions to export to EPS are non-functional.


File Import & Export

Documents & Artboards

Drawing & Editing Tools


Copy & Paste



User Interface

Gradients & Colors


Bug fixes

  • Japanese fonts displayed with English names in the Find More tab 
  • Crash and rendering issues with few Japanese CID fonts
  • Illustrator crashes when the action is being recorded on Transparency panel
  • Illustrator pastes tiff in Adobe XD even when SVG is available in clipboard
  • "Find Extension on Exchange" link in Illustrator does not auto sign on the webpage
  • In-menu font preview preference is not honored 
  • 20 crashes fixed from the submitted crash reports

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