Ten Mincho: important points on updating from Version 1.000

In Version 2.003, the Ten Mincho Regular and Italic fonts have been greatly improved and updated, and colored SVG emoji glyphs have been added. This article explains how to update from Version 1.000 to any newer version of the fonts.

Activating the new version of the fonts

If you already have Ten Mincho Regular or Italic added to your selections on the Adobe Fonts website, you need to remove them and then activate them again to get the new version. You can make those changes from the Ten Mincho font page.

Changes to the glyph variants

Ten Mincho Version 1.000 supported the input of four B&W emoji glyphs as glyph variants of the full-width upper- and lower-case characters L, l, O, o, V, v, E and e, through the use of Stylistic Set 2 named “Marten” (貂 in Japanese). Version 2.003 replaces Stylistic Set 2 with one named “Color Emoji” (カラー絵文字 in Japanese). As a result, if a document created with the Version 1.000 fonts is opened with the Version 2.003 fonts, the B&W emoji glyphs in the shape of a Marten will be displayed as L, l, O, o, V, v, E, or e, depending on the glyph variant and app.

In order to address this, you first need to select each of the four characters in affected documents. Next, using either the Glyph Panel or inline, specify one of the color (SVG) emoji glyphs from among the variant glyphs assigned to the kanji 貂 (meaning “Marten” in English), or double-click one of the B&W or color emoji glyphs directly in the Glyph Panel.

The relevant glyph substitution options are listed among the Stylistic Sets in the “OpenType” fly-out menu item of Adobe InDesign, or among the Stylistic Sets in the OpenType Panel of Adobe Illustrator. As previous noted, the name of Stylistic Set 2 has changed from “Marten” in Version 1.000 to “Color Emoji” in Version 2.003, as displayed in the UI of both InDesign and Illustrator.

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