In the event of a local network problem or an outage on the font network, your website may report that it cannot connect to or that it failed to load a resource from that domain.

If you see either of these errors, check the Status page for any known issues. Then send an email to with the following information:

  1. Are the fonts loading on
  2. What Internet service provider do you use?
  3. Run a traceroute to and send us the output.

    To perform a traceroute:

    • Mac OS: Open the System Information tool from the Applications > Utilities folder, and choose Window > Network Utility. Select the Traceroute option and enter in the network address box. Click Trace.
    • Windows: Open the Command Prompt window and enter tracert Press Enter.

    When the trace has finished, make a copy or screenshot of the results.

  4. Use the web developer tools in the browser to look at your site's assets, and take a screenshot of the timeline for the font files:

    1. Clear your site cache so that the files are requested from the network again.
    2. Select the network tab in the developer tools and keep it open.
    3. Go to the page that's giving you trouble. Verify that it loads and that the fonts still aren't loading properly.
    4. In the network tab, scroll down until you find the request from The filename is your kit ID, either [kitid].js or [kitid].css. Take a screenshot.
    5. Select the kit filename, then select the Headers tab that appears.
    6. Resize the window so that all header info rows are visible. Take a screenshot.

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