Occasionally the fonts in our collection will receive an update from our foundry partners, resulting in a new version of the font.  If you have the fonts activated on your desktop or included in a web project, they are not automatically updated to the new version. This article explains how to update your desktop font selections and web projects to get the latest version of a font.

Activating the new version of a font on your desktop

Remove the font from your Active Fonts by toggling the activate switch next to the font name in your list of selections. Then activate the font again from the font family page, and you will get the new version.

Note that turning Enable Adobe Fonts off and on in the Creative Cloud desktop preferences will not change the version of the font on your computer.

Updating a web project to the new font version

From the Web Projects tab in My Adobe Fonts, click "Edit Project" for the web project that you would like to update. Scroll to the end of your project and click the "Save Changes" button. The newest version of all web fonts in the project will then be served to your websites.

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