Edit Videos in Lightroom

Learn how to edit videos using different editing controls and presets in Lightroom (desktop).

You can now trim and edit video clips in Lightroom! Starting the June 2022 release of Lightroom desktop, you can easily apply editing controls and trim videos in Lightroom. You can access the Edit controls in the Detail view to achieve the desired editing goal for your videos. 

You can also copy and paste edit settings between photos and videos, allowing you to achieve a consistent look across both photos and videos.

In this article, you can see how to:


Import videos to Lightroom desktop

  1. Click ( ) icon on the left to bring up My Photos panel.

    In My Photos panel, import the video or choose the album that contains the video you want to edit. 

  2. If you're in Photo Grid () view or Square Grid () view, select the video you want to edit. Now, click () icon in the toolbar at the bottom to switch to Detail view. 

    If you're already in Detail () view, select the video that you want to edit from the filmstrip appearing at the bottom of your current selection.


    You can use the editing controls only in Detail view. 

  3. Edit videos screen in Lightroom desktop
    Edit videos screen in Lightroom desktop

    To bring up the Edit panel in Detail view, click () icon at the upper-right corner. 

    You can now expand/collapse the panels to access edit controls organized under─ProfileLight, Color, Effects


    Edit controls like Detail, OpticsGeometryAuto, and B&W are currently unavailable for editing videos in Lightroom.

Use Presets to edit videos in Lightroom


Some presets are partially compatible with videos due to limited compatibility with the enhancement controls. All enhancements compatible with videos will automatically apply when you select the Preset.

Add a professional touch to your videos with Presets in Lightroom. You can choose from an array of presets, available in different themes like Retro, B&W, Video Presets, etc to suit your editing needs. 

Apply a Preset

To apply a Preset to your videos, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Edit icon and click on Presets.

  2. In the Presets panel, you can select the desired preset from one of these categories:

    Recommended Presets

    These presets are automatically provided to you based on your video, with the help of Adobe Sensei. The results can change with time, even for the same video. Use the given carousel options such as Subtle, Strong, HDR, and more to easily filter these presets.

    Premium Presets

    These presets are updated with every release and include categories like AdaptivePortraits, Travel, Cinematic, Videos, and more.


    These are all the presets that you have created or saved, as well as all the default presets included with Lightroom.

    Presets panel for video editing in Lightroom desktop
    Presets panel for video editing in Lightroom desktop

    • Partially compatible presets are included in the panel.
    • In Recommended Presets, hover over the preset thumbnail and click More like this to view more similar presets. You can also click the three-dot icon in the thumbnail to view who the preset is from, follow the author, and save the preset.
  3. To apply a preset to the video, simply click the preset.

  4. Use the Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the preset. You can start from 0 and go up to 200. 

For more details on Presets, see Edit Photos.

Add Profile to your videos

Profiles in Lightroom are useful in rendering color and tonality in videos. 

Profiles allow you to control how colors and tonality are rendered in your videos. The profiles provided in the Profile panel are intended to serve as a starting point or foundation for making video edits. 

Applying a profile on your video doesn't change or overwrite the value of other edit control sliders. Therefore, you can make edits to your videos as you like and then choose to apply a profile on top of your edited video.

Apply a Profile

  1. Click () icon at the upper-right corner to bring up the Edit panel.

    To view available profiles for videos in Lightroom, click Browse in the Profile panel.

  2. Expand the available profile groups to view the profiles available in that group.

    Add profile to your videos in Lightroom desktop
    Add profile to your videos in Lightroom desktop


    Profile groups like B&W and some other subsets are unavailable for now to edit videos in Lightroom. 

  3. Move the pointer over any profile to preview its effect in your photo. Click the profile to apply it to your video. 

To know more about the profile workflow in Lightroom, see Profile

Adjust Light, Color, and Effects in your videos

Achieve precise editing goals in Lightroom using editing controls like Light, Color, and Effects. Use the editing sliders to adjust exposure, vibrance, vignette, etc in your videos. 


If you wish to apply same edit settings to other videos or photos in an album, simply copy the edits from the video and batch paste them to the selected photos and videos. 

Command+C (Copy) and Command+V (Paste) on macOS, 
Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste) on Windows

For more details on copy & paste, see Copy & Paste Edits.


Use the editing sliders provided in the Light panel to adjust the tonal range in your videos.

  • Exposure - Use this slider to adjust the brightness of your videos. Move the slider to the left to make the video darker; move it to the right to make the video brighter.
  • Contrast - Determines the contrast between light and dark colors. Move the slider to the left to flatten the contrast; move it to the right to make it more dramatic. 
  • Highlights - This controls the brightness of the lighter parts of your videos. Move the slider to the left to darken highlights to recover details; and right to brighten them and reduce details.
  • Shadows - Move the slider to the left to deepen shadows; move it to the right to brighten them and recover details.
  • Whites - Sets the white point of the video. Move the slider to the right to make more colors appear completely white.
  • Blacks - Sets the black point of the video. Move the slider to the left to make more colors appear completely black.





Tone Curve and Point Curve controls are currently unavailable for editing videos.


The editing sliders in the Color panel let you quickly and easily adjust colors in your videos. You can also use the Color Mixer and Color Grading options to enhance the color scheme in your videos and achieve desired editing results. 



This control sets how yellow/warm or blue/cool your video looks.

This control sets how green or magenta your video looks.



Use this control to increase the intensity of muted colors in your video.

Use this control to increase the intensity of all colors in your video.

For more details, see Color


Add effects to your videos by using Vignette and Grain adjustment sliders in the Effects panel.


Use this slider to make the outer edges of your video darker or lighter. 

  • Feather - Lower values reduce softening between the vignette and the vignette’s surrounding pixels. Higher values increase the softening.
  • Midpoint - Lower values apply the Amount adjustment to a larger area away from the corners. Higher values restrict the adjustment to an area closer to the corners.
  • Roundness - Lower values make the vignette effect more oval. Higher values make the vignette effect more circular.
  • Highlights - Controls the degree of highlight contrast preserved when the amount is negative. Suitable for videos with small highlights, such as candles and lamps.
Vignette Effect in Lightroom
Add Vignette effect to your videos in Lightroom


Move this slider to the right to add film grain to your video.

  • Size: Controls grain particle size. At sizes of 25 or greater, blue is added to make the effect look better with noise reduction.
  • Roughness: Controls the regularity of the grain. Move left to make the grain more uniform; move to the right to make the grain more uneven.
Grain Effect in Lightroom
Add Grain effect to your videos in Lightroom


Creating Versions is currently not supported for video editing in Lightroom. As a result, edits made in collaboration with fellow photographers will override the original editing. 

Trim, Rotate, or Flip videos in Lightroom

The Trim & Rotate panel in Lightroom lets you trim parts of your videos. You can also rotate the video and flip it if you need to. 

Follow the steps below to trim a video in Lightroom:

  1. In the Detail panel, open the video you want to trim. 

  2. Click the Trim & Rotate icon on the right side of the screen.

    trim videos in Lightroom
    Trim videos in Lightroom

  3. Drag the in point and out point handles to trim off the beginning or end of the video. 

  4. To rotate or flip your video, click the Rotate Left/Rotate Right or Flight horizontal/Flip vertical icons.

Export videos in Lightroom

After successfully applying the desired edits to your video, you can follow the steps below to export your videos:

  1. Once you have completed editing your video, click File > Export ( Ctrl + E).

  2. Select export Video Settings in which you wish to export your video:

    • Video Type
      Select Original if you wish to export the original video.
      Select MP4 if you wish to export the video with edits.
    • File naming: Original, Custom, or Capture Date filename
    Export videos in Lightroom
    Export videos in Lightroom

  3. Click Export Video.

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