Learn what's new in the latest release of Adobe Lightroom (desktop and mobile).


The April 2020 releases of Lightroom desktop (version 3.2.1) and Lightroom for mobile (iOS version 5.2.4 and Android version 5.2.2) provides support for new cameras, lenses, and bug fixes.

In Lightroom for mobile (iOS), you can now go back and retry previous steps in an interactive tutorial, accessible from the Home screen.

For a full list of supported cameras and lenses, see:

Top new features

February 2020 release (desktop version 3.2, iOS version 5.2, Android version 5.2)

Add photos to shared group albums from Lightroom desktop and mobile

Easily export photos as DNG files
(Desktop only)

You can now export your raw photos to DNG. This feature was previously available on mobile only. 

Direct import on iOS

Import presets and profiles from Google Drive and local storage
(Android only)

Now directly import lrtemplate and xmp profiles and presets and access them across Lightroom desktop and mobile platforms.


Support for new cameras and lenses

Find the full list of supported cameras and lens profiles for Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for mobile (iOS and Android).


Other enhancements

On desktop, you can use keyboard shortcuts for HDR and Panorama merge, choose to include metadata while contributing photos to shared albums, and more.

Previous releases of Lightroom