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What are cloud documents

Learn about the benefits of cloud documents, how they differ from Creative Cloud Libraries and synced files, and where to find more information about using cloud documents.

What are cloud documents?

Cloud documents are cloud-native files that you can open and edit in compatible apps. With cloud documents, your work is always updated, across every device, wherever you are.

You can work with cloud documents in the following Creative Cloud apps:

Adobe XD |  Adobe Photoshop |   Adobe Fresco |  Adobe Aero |  Adobe Illustrator |  Adobe InDesign (Beta)

Benefits of cloud documents

Access files across devices
Save your creative work as a cloud document and access it at your desk, on your laptop, or iPad. It's in the cloud wherever you work.

Edit a secure or password protected PDF

Keep your files current
Keep your work up to date with the handy Autosave feature. No more losing unsaved work. And, you can pick up where you left off on any device.

Access documents from different apps
Save artworks as cloud documents in Photoshop and edit them in Adobe Fresco. Or vice versa. No boundaries for your documents or your creativity.     

Locate past versions
Easily view any version of your cloud document. Autosave keeps past versions ready at hand.

Work offline 
Open a file on your device to later work offline. Your offline version automatically syncs when you reconnect. 

Retain high quality
Save your documents with full fidelity. Convenience and quality—you get them both with cloud documents. 

Difference between cloud documents and other Creative Cloud files

Your Creative Cloud plan includes different types of cloud storage—cloud documents, libraries, and Creative Cloud files (synced files). These have different uses and benefits.

Cloud documents

Cloud documents

With cloud documents, your work is always updated wherever you are and saved to the cloud automatically in the background. The shared format for Photoshop, Photoshop on the iPad, and Adobe Fresco, lets you move seamlessly between them, while XD cloud documents allow real-time collaboration. You can manage your cloud documents right in your app’s Home screen or in the Creative Cloud website. 

Creative Cloud Libraries


Libraries let you collect and share design elements—graphics, images, character styles, brushes, and color palettes—specific to a project or client. Access these assets in your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Libraries help ensure you and your team are using the same elements across documents and projects.

Synced files

Synced files (or Creative Cloud files)

Synced files (or Creative Cloud files) are saved to the cloud and are accessible from any connected device. Changes you make are synced automatically. You manage synced files in the Creative Cloud website and can even upload other files related to a project, so all your assets are together. (Adobe Fresco and Adobe Aero don't support Creative Cloud files.) 

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