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What's new in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 4

  1. RoboHelp User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Get to know RoboHelp workspace
    2. What's new in RoboHelp 2022 release
      1. What's new in Update 4
      2. What's new in Update 3
      3. What's new in Update 2
      4. What's new in Update 1
    3. Fixed Issues in RoboHelp
    4. RoboHelp System Requirements
    5. Download RoboHelp on Windows and macOS
    6. Download and install Adobe app
    7. RoboHelp FAQs
    8. What's new in RoboHelp 2020 release
      1. What's new in Update 8
      2. What's new in Update 7
      3. What's new in Update 6
      4. What's new in Update 5
      5. What's new in Update 4
      6. What's new in Update 3
      7. What's new in Update 2
      8. What's new in Update 1
  3. Projects
    1. Plan your RoboHelp project
    2. Create a project
    3. Manage projects
    4. Work with topics and folders
    5. Generate reports
    6. Work with context-sensitive help
    7. Manage References
    8. Set preferences in RoboHelp
  4. Collaborate with authors
    1. Collaborate using Git
    2. Collaborate using SharePoint Online
    3. Collaborate using Azure DevOps (Team Foundation Server)
  5. PDF Layout
    1. PDF templates
    2. Design a page layout
    3. Publish PDF output
    4. Work with the common content styles
    5. Components of a PDF template
    6. Support for language variables
    7. Customize PDFs
  6. Editing and formatting
    1. Format your content
    2. Create and manage cross-references
    3. Create and manage links
    4. Single-source with snippets
    5. Work with images and multimedia
    6. Create and use variables for easy updates
    7. Work with Variable Sets
    8. Use Find and Replace
    9. Auto save your content
    10. Side-by-side editing in Split View
    11. Use the Spell Check feature
    12. Create and Edit Bookmarks
    13. Insert and update fields
    14. Switch between multiple views
    15. Autonumbering in CSS
  7. Import and linking
    1. Import Markdown files into a project
    2. Import Word documents into a project
    3. Import FrameMaker documents into a project
  8. TOCs, indexes, glossaries, and citations
    1. Create and manage a Table of Contents
    2. Create and manage an index
    3. Create and manage a glossary
    4. Create and manage citations
    5. Create and manage browse sequences
    6. Work with See Also and Related Topics
  9. Conditional content
    1. What is conditional content
    2. Create and apply condition tags
    3. Configure output presets for conditional content
    4. Optimize and manage conditional content
  10. Microcontent
    1. Microcontent
  11. Review and Collaboration
    1. Review and Collaboration
  12. Translation
    1. Translating content to multiple languages
    2. Configure a translation framework for a service provider
  13. Generating output
    1. Generate output
    2. Generate Frameless output
    3. Generate Knowledge Base output
    4. Generate PDF output
    5. Generate Responsive HTML5 output
    6. Generate Word Document output
    7. Generate Content Only output
    8. Generate eBook output
    9. Generate Microsoft HTML Help output
    10. Generate Mobile App output
  14. Publish output
    1. Publish to a RoboHelp Server
    2. Publish to an FTP server, a Secure FTP server, or a File System
    3. Publish to SharePoint Online
    4. Publish to Zendesk Help Center
    5. Publish to Salesforce Knowledge Base
    6. Publish to ServiceNow Knowledge Base
    7. Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base
    8. Publish to Adobe Experience Manager
    9. Publish to Atlassian Confluence Knowledge Base
  15. Appendix
    1. Adobe RoboHelp Scripting Reference
    2. RoboHelp keyboard shortcuts

Boost your performance and productivity with powerful authoring and extended publishing capabilities that take your content to the next level.

Adobe RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 4 introduces a new Knowledge Base output preset with article-based publishing, support for Zoho Knowledge Base, Multi-level Autonumbering, enhanced user Experience with accessibility improvements, Search and Frameless skin enhancements, other authoring enhancements. Read on to know more.

In this document,

Install the update

Ensure that you have an active Internet connection.

To install Update 4 of the 2020 release of RoboHelp, click Help > Check for Updates.

Then follow the instructions.

For more information, check this community post.

What's new and changed


Application interface







Accessibility (Section 508 compliance)

We've enhanced features that are related to accessibility. Most of the features are a part of the new improved, more Section 508-compliant User Interface. Some of them are:

  • Navigation using Tab, Shift + Tab, Arrow, and Enter keys
  • Keyboard shortcuts for context menu
  • Alt key support for main menu
  • Improved color contrast for highlight colors.

The RoboHelp Accessibility Conformance Report is available here. We do plan to have a new one with these accessibility improvements updated on this page in next few months.

Application / User Interface Improvements

Reorganized right panel

In this release, the right panel has been reorganized according to the properties and context. You can expand the panel and access more options to modify styles, topic properties, table properties, spell check, or content properties.

Content properties
Content properties

Topic properties
Topic properties

Style properties
Style properties

Enhanced color experience

Apply a richer repertoire of colors to the text with a redesigned color palette. In addition, you can define the color in HEX, RGB, or HSB format.

Color palette
Color palette

New tooltip experience

The tooltips are now more intuitive, easy to navigate, and are more prominent throughout the application. Also, the tooltips are Section 508-compliant.


List styles by name

On the Styles panel, toggle between listing the available styles by name or preview.

List styles by name
List styles by name

List styles by preview
List styles by preview

New category- Heading Styles

Choose Heading Styles from the All Styles drop-down list. You can then see all headings that have a style applied to them. This is convenient if you only want to see the styles on a heading.

Option- Heading Styles
Option- Heading Styles

All heading styles
All heading styles

Turn off Output and Review tabs

In an organization, if you want authors to not trigger output or review, the Update 4 allows you to disable the Output and Review tabs.

Disable the tabs
Disable the tabs

In the toolbar, a new menu option, Insert, has been added. Using this option, in a topic, you can insert an image, video file, YouTube URL, bookmark, variable, snippet, and many more. Expand the menu to see the element that you can add in a topic.

For quick access, press the Alt+I key.

Insert menu
Insert menu

The main menu is reorganized and is made context specific for the Author, Output, or Review tabs.

Multi-level Autonumbering

Get more control on style on number and content separately using CSS multi-level numbering.

For more information, see this article.

Use the Tab and Shift + Tab keys to control level in the topic editor and also select multiple paragraphs and apply auto-number class in one go.

Multi-level autonumbering
Multi-level autonumbering

Support for condition expressions in the topic preview

You can now see the condition expressions in the Preview mode in addition to filtering each individual condition tag.

For more information, see this article.

Preview build expressions
Preview build expressions

Other authoring enhancements

  • The following new keyboard shortcuts have been added:
    • Insert a bookmark - CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + B 
    • Launch the Styles panel and apply a style while authoring - CTRL/CMD +SHIFT+S
  • Add a hyperlink on an image by dragging a topic onto the image. The image then includes a hyperlink to the topic.
  • Save a topic as a PDF. There is an option to save a topic as PDF in the content menu on the authoring area.
  • In the Link To dialog, to quickly insert a URL, double click any topic from Project Files, Recently used or Searched list.

Machine translation profile

Connecting to machine translation vendor APIs usually require passing custom data in the header of the API call.

In earlier releases of RoboHelp, there was no support to add custom header. With update 4, Now users can add valid custom headers corresponding to a particular Translation vendor API.

For more information, see Translating content to multiple languages.

Adding header is as simple as adding key-value pair. For example, Microsoft translation APIs require the following: 

  • Key = Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Region
  • Value = One of the following:

{ australiaeast, brazilsouth, canadacentral, centralindia, centralus, centraluseuap, eastasia, eastus, eastus2, francecentral, japaneast, japanwest, koreacentral, northcentralus, northeurope, southcentralus, southeastasia, uksouth, westcentralus, westeurope, westus, westus2, and southafricanorth } 

Translation profile
Translation profile

Frameless and Responsive HTML5 output enhancements

For the Frameless and Responsive HTML5 output skins (Orange, Oceanic, Studio, and others), we've added a few options to improve the user experience.

Hide right panel

In the Frameless skin, the right panel has a mini TOC and other options. Now you can hide and right panel and use that area for the topic content. In this case, the mini TOC is not shown. You can add the other options using the toolbar buttons. 

Toggle the option Right Panel to control the visibility.

Toggle the right panel
Toggle the right panel

Option to use a Topic Url

Now you can use a topic URL in addition to the web URL for topic page buttons.

Browse to a url
Browse to a URL

By default, the Logo and Title points to the home page. If you want to point it to a web URL or to a different Topic, then you can do it now from the output preset settings.

Url in logo
URL in logo

Customize the search

You can now specify different placeholder text for different search boxes, for example, search boxes in the Index and Glossary tabs.

Support for URL in toolbar links and buttons

In Skin Editor > Layout > Topic Page Buttons, when you choose any button, you can insert any URL. You can set a URL to a project file, email, and a link to the web.

Insert a URL
Insert a URL

Search enhancements

Search-related enhancements in RoboHelp (2020 release) Update 4.

In Update 4, we've enhanced the search experience in terms of search results and context, so that you have more control of what you want to show.

Search results pagination

You can now specify the number of  search results that appear on a page. By default, the value is set to 20 and can be configured.

Number of search results
Number of search results

In the output, when you search for a term, you can see that the search results are paginated.

Pagination in search results
Pagination in search results

Search context

On the search page, for every result you can better control what context that you want to show. 

Now you can specify whether text around search term is shown or the topic description or starting text of the topic. Alongside, ability to specify the character limit for search context can be specified. 

Options for search context
Options for search context

Knowledge Base publishing

New preset- Knowledge Base

To publish your content to various knowledge bases, such as, Zoho, Zendesk, and so on, we've included a new output preset- Knowledge Base. 

Unlike earlier updates, Knowledge base is now a new preset option.

Once you choose this preset, you can choose any of Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and Zoho Knowledge Bases. The options across all the four knowledge bases / CRM (Customer Relationship Management) portal are similar and details are available here:

New preset- Knowledge Base
New preset- Knowledge Base

Article-based publishing

In certain cases, you may only publish a subset of the articles to the knowledge base. This option enables you to select the articles that you want to publish.

Publish to Zoho knowledge base

In this release of RoboHelp 2020, you can publish your help topics to Zoho Knowledge Base

To create a connection with Zoho Help Center, you must set up your account to get started. For more details, see Getting Started with Zoho.

Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base
Publish to Zoho Knowledge Base

More publish options

Publish as draft

There is a new option, Upload as draft, if enabled, the publish status for all articles on the portals will be in Draft state. By default, this option is disabled.

Word Output enhancements

When generating a Microsoft Word output, it is important that the various paragraph, character, and table styles are mapped correctly.

In this release of RoboHelp, you can map RoboHelp table styles when generating an output in Microsoft Word. In the table sub-section of Word style mapping (Word Output preset), you can either use the RoboHelp table style to Word or default to the Word table style. 

Word style mapping
Word style mapping

Bugs fixed in this release

To see the list of bugs that have been fixed in this release, see Fixed issues.

Have a question or an idea?


If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in the Adobe RoboHelp Community. We would love to hear from you and address your queries.


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The Creativity Conference

14–16 października, plaża Miami Beach i online

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14–16 października, plaża Miami Beach i online