Keyframe.h-146 error crash when you open a saved project

Crash with keyframe.h-146 error when you open a project

When you attempt to open a previously saved file in Adobe Premiere Pro, you receive the following error message:

Premiere Pro has encountered an error.


Solution: Prevent further project corruption by uninstalling iCloud

Apple iCloud update causes this issue. When you have this update installed, and access the File Save dialog in Adobe Premiere Pro, your projects can become corrupt. The following workarounds prevent this issue from happening to additional projects. The next section of covers how to recover files that the iCloud update damaged.

Solution 1: Uninstall iCloud.

Solution 2: Rename or delete the ShellStream64.dll file.

Note: Renaming this file can adversely affect the function of iCloud

Recover corrupt projects

To recover files that the iCloud update damaged, run a user-created repair script. The script is available for download here:

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