This document outlines the installation and setup for Adobe Sign for SuccessFactors using the SAP Cloud Cockpit. The SAP Cloud Cockpit is “a web-based administration interface [that] provides access to a number of functions for configuring and managing applications, services, and subaccounts”.


Extension of SuccessFactors to include Adobe Sign requires an SAP Cloud Platform account.


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The installation process requires that the SAP SuccessFactors account administrator:

  • Enable their SAP SuccessFactors account for Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) extensions using the SuccessFactors provisioning tool
  • Subscribe to the solution


Enable your SAP SuccessFactors instance for HCP Extension

  • Create an integration token. These are available in the account view (that shows all sub-accounts)
    • You will need to provide your SAP ID (S_ID) for the administrator
  • Copy the integration token
  • Within your SAP SuccessFactors provisioning portal, enable the HCP Extension
    • Navigate to Company Settings > Extension Management Configuration
  • Check the box to enable Extension Management
  • Paste the integration token into the Integration Token field
  • Save
    • This save process can take several minutes


As a result of enabling SuccessFactors for HCP Extensions, a new sub-account is created. Its name is of the format:




It is within this subaccount that you deploy the Adobe Sign for SuccessFactors solution. The solution is packaged as a Multi-Target Application Archive (MTAR) and contains both stand-alone and provider/subscriber options.

Download the MTAR file here

Deployment is accessed by selecting your sub-account and choosing “Solutions -> Deploy”.

You have 2 options:

1. Deploy the solution as stand-alone

This is the simplest and is very similar to deploying a web app to a server.  

In this scenario, you will have a single instance of the plugin for your SuccessFactors tenant. When deploying the solution, DO NOT select the ‘Provider Import’ checkbox.



2. Install the solution as a Provider solution

This scenario is applicable if you have multiple SuccessFactors instances that you want to extend to include Adobe Sign functionality (e.g. Sandbox, QA, Developer, Production).

Deployment is the same as above, but you DO CHECK the Provider Import.

This installs the solution, but you still need to subscribe to it.


Subscribe to the Solution:

At this point, the account has been enabled for HCP Extension and entitled to a subscription to the Adobe Sign application.

  • From the customer's subaccount, select Solutions
  • Verify that Adobe Sign is listed as a solution that is Available
  • Select and subscribe on the next page. There is no need to provide the MTA extension descriptor file
  • When complete, you see a confirmation screen
    • At this point, you are connected and subscribed

Perform the rest of the configuration manually

  • Move the Adobe Sign Recruiting and Onboarding tiles from “not-used” to default


Next Steps:

Follow the installation instructions for Recruiting and/or On-Boarding



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