A compilation of all Installation, User and Upgrade guides for all of the current Adobe Sign integrations. Some of the more complex integrations will have commonly used knowledgebase articles also listed for convenience.

Adobe Sign for Salesforce

Salesforce Guides - v18

Additional Articles

Granting access to Salesforce profiles

If you didn't set up the Adobe Sign app for All Users

Working with Agreements in Batch

For generating batches of agreements based on user defined criteria

Lead conversion settings

If you use Adobe Sign with Leads in Salesforce, you probably want to take a look at this

Group Mappings

Align users in Adobe Sign groups based on Salesforce user profiles

Configure Salesforce to Send Large Documents

If you send documents over 2MB, you will need this configured

Chatter & Salesforce1 enablement

Settings to enable sending from Chatter or Salesforce1

Page Layout configuration (Basic, Advanced and Lightning)

When you need to change your page layout to one of the other options


Support for the Adobe Sign for Salesforce integration v15 is ending in December, 2017

Product updates, security updates and technical support for Adobe Sign for Salesforce v15 will be ending as of December, 2017.

Support for Adobe Sign for Salesforce v14 has ended as of December, 2016.

If you are on version 15 or older, please upgrade to the new package to ensure continuation of support.

Legacy Documentation

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Office


User Guide

Supported platforms:

  • Outlook 2013 (Windows v15+)
  • Outlook 2016 (Windows v16+)
  • Outlook Online – Using:
    • Chrome v59+
    • Firefox v53+
    • Safari 9+
    • Edge 38+
    • IE 11+
  • Outlook 2016 (Mac v15.35+)

Word / PowerPoint

User Guide

Supported platforms:

  • Word or PowerPoint 2013 (Windows v15+)
  • Word or PowerPoint 2016 (Windows v16+)
  • Word or PowerPoint Online (365) – Using:
    • Chrome v59+
    • Firefox v53+
    • Safari 9+
    • Edge 38+
    • IE 11+
  • Word or PowerPoint 2016 (Mac v15.34+)

Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics

MS Dynamics CRM Guides (365, On-line and On-Premises)

Current Install Package


Additional Articles


Adobe Sign for Microsoft Dynamics v4 and earlier (on premise and online versions) will be discontinued on November 30, 2017.

These versions will no longer be available after November. The new version (v5) includes improvements such as using Microsoft Turbo Forms and wider browser support. Microsoft Dynamics v5 is available now.

Adobe Sign for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint On-Premises 2013 & 2016



Adobe Sign for Microsoft SharePoint v3 and earlier (on premise and online versions) will be discontinued on November 30, 2017.

All existing customers must have the new solution installed and operational before this date or risk losing Adobe Sign functionality.

Adobe Sign for ServiceNow

Adobe Sign for Workday

Adobe Sign for NetSuite

Adobe Sign for Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM

Adobe Sign API

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