Third-party hardware compatibility

See the following documents for information about Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility with file-based formats and capture cards. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 file

Supported video formats

Native ARRIRAW support

Import raw footage from ARRI AMIRA and Alexa cameras without transcoding. Native support means you won’t waste valuable production time transcoding or rewrapping files, and you’ll always have access to the original file’s pristine quality. Files from the ARRI AMIRA camera are also natively supported, and LUTs can be applied on import as Master Clip Effects.

Native editing of QuickTime formats

Import and edit all the popular QuickTime formats natively (including Apple ProRes and MOV files captured by DSLR cameras, and QuickTime and MOV files from the JVC ProHD camera range), with full access to clip metadata — no transcoding, rewrapping, or logging and transferring required. MJPEG media from the Canon 1DC is also supported natively with improved performance.

DPX import and export

Work with DPX frame sequences as footage in Adobe Premiere Pro. Full control over parameters like black point, bit depth, and log/linear space allows nondestructive changes to be made at any stage of production. Import and export files that include timecode data embedded within a DPX frame sequence, allowing even more control when working with the DPX format.

RED support

Take advantage of a truly native, color-rich, 6K tapeless workflow to harness the full potential of high-resolution raw digital cinematography. Work natively with footage from RED ONE®, RED EPIC®, RED Scarlet-X cameras with support for RED Rocket, Mysterium X®, and Red Dragon, as well as Color Science and Firmware RED camera advances. Get full parameter control and RMD file import and edit. Native support for RED R3D files up to 6K in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects®, and Encore software allows R3D files to be dropped straight onto the timeline without transcoding or rewrapping. A supported GPU can be used to debayer RED media offering greatly improved performance. Learn more

Panasonic P2 import with browsing and metadata support

Enjoy support for native editing of content from Panasonic P2 cameras and across multiple P2 cards. View camera metadata and organize files in the Media Browser before importing and editing the content without transcoding or rewrapping. Edit directly from the P2 card via the camera or a card reader, or use the Media Browser to transfer content to hard disk for better performance. Export content in Panasonic P2 format, either to P2 media for use in a P2 workflow or to hard disk for archiving. Learn more

Native CinemaDNG support

CinemaDNG is supported natively, so users of Blackmagic cameras or Convergent Design hardware can edit right away. A supported GPU can be used to debayer CinemaDNG media offering greatly improved performance.

Phantom Cine support

Natively import and edit ultra-high-frame-rate Phantom Cine media shot on Vision Research Phantom cameras for amazing slow-motion effects.

Native support for industry-standard mezzanine formats

Apple ProRes media can be natively decoded on both platforms — and are available on Mac OS X (v.10.8 only), along with many other QuickTime formats. 64-bit DNxHD encode and decode is available on both Mac and Windows.

Native Canon support

Work natively with Canon XF and Canon RAW footage, plus media shot on Canon DSLR cameras.

AVCHD editing with browsing and metadata support

Import and edit AVCHD content from Sony, Panasonic, and Canon cameras without waiting. Native editing means you can start editing content immediately without transcoding or rewrapping the content. Use the Media Browser to browse clips and view metadata.

Native AVC-Intra and AVC-Ultra camera workflows

Import, play back, edit, and export AVC-Intra, AVC-Ultra, and AVC-LongG clips natively with no transcoding or rewrapping thanks to a true file-based workflow for these types of files. Export to AVC-Intra content at 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 200Mbps at all common frame rates and resolutions.

Video production workflow guides

Getting more extreme performance with HP and NVIDIA systems and learn how to configure or upgrade your computer for peak performance with this informative white paper file or AdobeTV video.

Using Adobe Premiere Pro with Canon digital video cameras

Using Adobe Premiere Pro with tapeless Sony XDCAM content

Using Adobe Premiere Pro with RED Digital Cinema content

Using Adobe Premiere Pro with tapeless JVC ProHD content

Production Premium end-to-end editing workflows with Panasonic AVCCAM cameras

Production Premium end-to-end workflows for Panasonic P2 and P2 HD cameras

Sony XDCAM, XDCAM EX, XDCAM 50, XDCAM HD, XAVC, and Sony RAW import with browsing and metadata support

Import and edit content from Sony XDCAM, XDCAM 50, and XAVC cameras directly, without rewrapping or transcoding. Browse clips using the Media Browser and organize them using camera metadata. Edit directly from the SxS card via the camera or a card reader (XDCAM EX only), or use the Media Browser to transfer the content to hard disk for better performance. Sony RAW media from cameras like the F65 is now also natively supported, as is the ability to export to XAVC 4K. Native support for Sony SStP media is also included. Sony XDCAM family workflow guide