Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro.


Update your display drivers

  • Premiere Pro 13.1.3 requires the latest version of the Intel graphic driver.
  • Update NVIDIA drivers directly from


Mac osX 10.14 (Mojave) does not support CUDA.

  • Older RED projects with LUT applied results in a low-level exception
    Workaround: LUT must be reapplied to each clip. Save project and reopen.
  • Transform effect can result in black overlay & render errors.
    Workaround: Use Software Only in the Project Settings.
  • Presets from AME 12.1.2 with Lumetri do not show effect when imported to AME 13.1.x.
    Workaround: Before encoding, open Export Settings and choose a different LUT from the Applied menu of the Lumetri effect, then switch back the original LUT.
  • Custom Workspaces can get lost when updating to a new version.

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