Use Dreamweaver sample style sheets

Apply Dreamweaver sample style sheets to your pages or use them as starting points to develop your own styles.


In Dreamweaver CC and later, CSS Styles panel is replaced with CSS Designer. For more information, see CSS Designer.

Dreamweaver provides sample style sheets that you can apply to your pages or that you can use as starting points to develop your own styles.

  1. Open the CSS Styles panel by doing one of the following:
    • Select Window > CSS Styles.

    • Press Shift+F11.

  2. In the CSS Styles panel, click the Attach External Style Sheet button. (It’s in the lower-right corner of the panel.)
  3. In the Attach External Style Sheet dialog box, click Sample Style Sheets.
  4. In the Sample Style Sheets dialog box, select a style sheet from the list box.

    As you select style sheets within the list box, the Preview pane displays the text and color formatting of the selected style sheet.

  5. Click the Preview button to apply the style sheet and verify that it applies the styles you want to the current page.

    If the styles applied are not what you expect them to be, select another style sheet from the list, and click Preview to see those styles.

  6. By default, Dreamweaver saves the style sheet in a folder named CSS just below the root of the site you defined for your page. If that folder does not exist, Dreamweaver creates it. You can save the file to another location by clicking Browse and browsing to another folder.
  7. When you find a style sheet whose formatting rules meet your design criteria, click OK.


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