Serial Number licensing is a historical method of licensing that is not tied to an individual user but to a particular computer. This licensing method is suitable for a very small number of customers and, as with named licensing, can be used to create pre-licensed packages that are deployed remotely. However, when using serial number licensing, customers do not receive the complete value from their Adobe Cloud subscription.

Obtain your enterprise serial number

If serial number licenses have been made available to your enterprise, you can obtain these from the Adobe Licensing website website.

  1. Sign in to Adobe Licensing website with your Adobe ID and password.

  2. Choose License > Retrieve Serial Numbers.

  3. Select an End User ID or Deploy-to ID for your organization.

  4. Select a Product NameProduct Version, and Platform.

  5. Click Search. The product name and serial numbers are displayed.


Adobe Licensing Website does not support Enterprise IDs. If you're planning to use serial number licensing, we recommend that all administrator accounts be set up using Adobe IDs.

Retrieve serial numbers with the Adobe Licensing Website

After you've retrieved your serial number, download Creative Cloud Packager to package the apps and deploy them to client machines. For more information, see Creative Cloud Packager Help.

Migrate from serial number licensing to named licenses