What's new in Photoshop Elements 15

We all enjoy capturing our enthralling memories. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 simplifies the process of organizing and editing these moments. You can use one-click fixes and add effects to create impressive snapshots, collages, slideshows, cards, and scrapbook pages. Share on social media and get the world talking.


Adobe Photoshop Elements includes Elements Organizer, which helps you organize your assets. For information about new features in Elements Organizer, see What's new in Elements Organizer.

Touch-based editing

Organizer and Quick Edit mode are now touch-friendly! 

Edit and organize photos with your fingertips. Now, you can simply tap to find, sort, and enhance your photos in the Organizer and Quick Edit mode in your touch-screen devices.

New Guided Edits

Photo Text

Create cool visual text!

Now create fun text with one of your photos as the background. The new Photo Text Guided Edit makes it easy to create text outlines filled with a photo and add effects like emboss and drop shadow to bring the text in the spotlight. Creatively make use of this photo text in collages, scrapbook pages, cards, and more. Find this new Guided Edit using Guided > Fun Edits > Photo Text. 

Cool visual text created with Photo Text

For detailed steps, see Guided mode - fun edits.

Effects Collage

A new way to look artistic!

With Photoshop Elements 15, you can now apply different effects to different sections of your photograph. In a few guided steps, transform a regular photo into an artistic collage. Photoshop Elements gives you a choice of templates and themes. Find this new Guided Edit using Guided > Fun Edits > Effects Collage.

Transform your photo with Effects Collage

For detailed steps, see Guided mode - fun edits.

Speed Pan

Create a dramatic action shot!

Follow the steps in the Speed Pan Guided Edit to give your photo’s subject a panning effect by blurring the background. Use the Quick Selection tool to select the subject of your photo and click Add Motion Blur to make the background blurred and your subject appear in action. 

Quick and smart way to add speed to your photo

For detailed steps, see Guided mode - fun edits.


Portray your photos as paintings!

Use the new Painterly Guided Edit to create unique work of art by painting your photo with Paint Brush, adding different colored and textured canvasses, and applying effects to your painting. Share your work of art on social media or keep a printed copy as a memento. Find this Guided Edit using Guided > Fun Edits > Painterly. 

Your photo turns into a painting with Painterly

For detailed steps, see Guided mode - fun edits.

Frame Creator

Create your own frames!

Bored of the existing choices to frame your photo? Now create frames using any photo from your library to complement your photos using the Frame Creator Guided Edit. 

You can also import frames that other Elements users have created. You can find this new guided workflow using Guided > Special Edits > Frame Creator. 

Create frames to match the mood in your photos

For detailed steps, see Guided mode - special edits.

Adjust facial features

Keep smiling!

Have you ever missed that perfect shot with a smiling face by a second? Now, you can change frowns into smiles, adjust squinting eyes, and make other adjustments with Photoshop Elements 15 (Enhance > Facial Features). You can easily retouch the height, width, and other characteristics of facial features, including lips, eyes, nose, forehead, jawbone, and chin, to get the desired looks. Enhance any face in photos by simply adjusting the sensitivity slider to get back your smile. 

Turn frowns into smiles

For detailed steps, see Retouch and correct photos.

Perspective Crop tool

Change the perspective of your photograph!

In Expert mode, use the Perspective Crop tool to transform the perspective in an image while cropping. This tool enables you to remove any distortion present in an image taken from an angle rather than a straight view. You can simply drag the corners of the bounding box of this tool or specify the dimensions to change the perspective and remove any distortions.


Remove distortions using the Perspective Crop Tool

For more information, see Cropping.

Enhanced filters for effects

Have more fun with filters!

Filters are a great way to try on new looks and show off your creativity, and now it's even easier to choose the best filter for your photo and fine-tune the details. You can now apply the filters directly from the Filters panel in the Expert mode. For some filters, Photoshop Elements 15 even lets you modify the intensity of the applied filter by simply adjusting a slider. Try a combination of filters and effects to spruce up your photographs before sharing it with family and friends.

One photo and many new looks with filters

For more information, see Filters.

New frames and backgrounds

Photoshop Elements 15 brings to you more than 100 new frames and backgrounds that are ready for use. Select By Type in the Graphics panel in Expert mode to use fresh graphical additions for enhancing your photographs.

Layer grouping and color coding

Photoshop Elements 15 comes with enhancements to help you manage your layers better. You can now group layers and color-code layers and layer groups.

Grouping layers helps you organize the different components of your projects and keeps your Layers panel uncluttered.

Color coding layers and groups helps you locate related layers in the Layers panel. Simply right-click the layer or group to select a color.

For more information, see Creating layers.

Retouch photos with enhanced tools

The Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush tools are now enhanced for better performance.

The enhanced Content-aware Move Tool now allows you to adjust the scale and rotation of the object that you are moving or the area that you are extending.  

For more information, see Retouch and correct photos.

Disable automatic creation of Smart Objects

Photoshop Elements preferences (Edit > Preferences > General) now includes an option to disable automatic creation of Smart Objects when you place or drag images from the photo bin.

For more information, see Edit preferences.

eLive Search

Need help? Find your answers directly in the eLive view. Photoshop Elements 15 enables you to search for eLive content, Help pages, and troubleshooting articles from within the eLive view. 

For more information, see eLive


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