Check if your system is compatible with Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro comes with an in-built utility that scans your system. This report displays automatically when you launch Premiere Pro if it detects known issues with your system configuration, such as incompatible graphics card drivers.

You can also run this utility at any time and get this report by clicking Help > System Compatibility Report

Example of a system compatibility report
Example of a system compatibility report

When serious compatibility issues are present, the System Compatibility Report opens every time you launch the application. You can choose to:

  • Click Fix to open a help document with instructions that identify the proper driver or component that needs updating, with links to its manufacturer's download page.
  • Click Continue with known issues to continue using Premiere Pro.
  • Click Export Report to export a text document that includes additional information about a your configuration. This is useful to share with Technical Support when you reach out to them for help. 

When a serious compatibility issue is present, a persistent notification is visible in the upper left of the application header bar, next to the Home icon. To open the System Compatibility Report, click this notification.

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